Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When the Right Person Passing By.

Haha. What's with the headline? Spekulasi gituh.

What will you do when the right person passing by? The one that you know, and you want to spend your life with.

Some might say, grab it. You never know such opportunity will come knock on you for the second time. And some, might just let go. Because they're searching for perfection.

Perfect. Do you want to live your life in a perfect world? Me? I don't know. I believe, such world only consist of Cinderella, Snow White and other cartoon characters that I bet you can name it.

I do hope someday, I'm able to taste of this so-called magical perfect world, not all but maybe some part of it. Possible? I just leave all that to the AlMighty!

Cliche~ and at the same time pathetic! Don't you think so?

p/s: I hope that one find day, I will able to catch that 'right' person when he pass by. Thanks ALLAH!


Redbloodsnow said...

alahaaiiii...if ever ler the Mr. Rite knock on my door...for sure zie will grab it..hehehe

tp ittew ler...so far, still NONE :( i'm still waiting for my Mr. Right :( sobsobsob

CAHAYA said...

Kalau lah ketuk pintu hati tu semudah ketuk pintu rumah. Kan senang? Haha.

p/s: my friend always said, "The right person will come along". Ye lah tu.

axim said...

if the right person passing by u it's better for you to just grab it dari duk jual mahal kan...nanti diri sendiri jugak yang rugi...

apa apa pun,the choice is always yours..

CAHAYA said...

Yep! I will definitely. We might not able to catch by one glimpse. But, I do hope, as time goes by, I able to catch 'it' with my bare hands. Haha.

p/s: People spoil for so many choices. But, 'that' someone won't always passing by. Yeay!

Mieza said...

insyaallah...jdh tu dh ditulis dan ditentukan olehNYA...byk2 sbr ya...:D

CAHAYA said...

Yep. InsyaAllah. Fitrah manusia kan? Manusia dijadikan berpasang-pasangan. :) Lambat atau cepat bukan soalnya. But the 'one' tu la yang penting. Hehe.

p/s: I kena cari ke atau tunggu je? Dr Fazilah Kamsah cakap, jodoh tak datang bergolek! Haha.

Suka Bebel said...

sometimes that person pass by, just in front of us, but we couldnt see him/her coz we are hoping for perfectness without knowing that its just nearby.cewah...hehe

CAHAYA said...

Yep. Ignorance. We often take things for granted. We want things other way around. We don't care about others feeling. Is it too much to ask?

p/s: Caring is another act of love!

mummysyafie said...

cahaya..let me share sumthing..

bila kiter umo 15 tahun, kiter jatuh cinta ngan sorang budak lelaki comel, pipi nya gebu dan sering kemerahan bila diusik. tapi cinta tu hilang macam tu je sbb nya..kiter tak serius..

a few yrs later...kiter jatuh cinta lak sekali lagi..tapi sayang, orang itu kawan kiter yang punya. so just 4get it lah kan..but..jodoh tu mmg ditentukan oleh Allah kan, cinta lelaki tersebut beralih pada pada kiter lak.

tapi yang paling terkejutnya..lelaki pertama dan kedua adalah lelaki yang sama pernah hadir dan lalu dalam hidup kiter dulu..wah..tak sangka kan..dulu dier pergi macam tu je..tapi dia hadir sekali lagi dengan harapan untuk dapat bersama sehidup semati

sebab tu..kalau seseorang yang hadir dalam hidup..tetapi gagal mengetuk pintu hati..biarkan dia pergi..kerana, jika ditakdir dia adalah jodoh kiter..dia akan datang semula dan dengan sendiri nya memngetuk dan terus membuka pintu hati agar dapat bersama hingga ke akhir hayat!

zackzara said...

Cahaya, may you have a lovely life till hereafter. That 'one' person might just be around the corner, and it is up to our delicate eyes (our heart) to actually see it from within. And if that person passed by your walkway, treat it as your lucky day.

He is there, somewhere. Just be patient :)

Faisal Admar said...

I don't believe in perfection. Human isn't perfect. I'm not perfect. So, why should I find a perfect human being?

CAHAYA said...


I've totally got your point. So, kalau dah jodoh, tak ke mana kan? Kalau Allah takdirkan dia untuk kita, dia akan kembali suatu hari nanti. Tapi, dia tu blom muncul lagi lah! Hehe.



Agree. But, I've always sees everyone with my 'delicate eyes'. Haha. Bahaya kan?

p/s: waiting for my lucky day. :)



Yep. Agree. Human isn't perfect. We aren't robot. We need the 'one' to at least complete us.

Perfection isn't easy. Possible to have, but the chances to loose it higher.

p/s: Hidup tak thrill tanpa cabaran.

Wahidah said...

hurm...dont worry..one fine day..mesti jumpa Mr Right tu...tunggu..:)

CAHAYA said...

Hehe. Thanks. Tak kesah sangat sebenarnya. Tapi ramai sangat kawan² keliling yang ber'bf' dan nak kawen dah. Huhu.

Tiba² je nak ber'fantamorgana'(ni ayat Najib Tun Razak) dalam Dewan semalam. Hehe.

p/s: Right person will come along. Is it possible mine already been hit by truck?

Catz said...

hem..ada yg kata..kadang-kadang peluang itu datang cuma sekali...so in my opinion...grab it..hehehe (ganas munyiknyaa..kikikikih)..
jodoh itu ada..lambat atau cepat...mungkin Tuhan beri lambat krb nak beri yg terbaik..so when the time comes...grab it.(again..ganas munyiknya..)..hiks..
dunt worry sis...enjoy ur life..oke..

CAHAYA said...

Haha. Ganas pun okeh je. No problem! I will wait. For sure. Hehe.

p/s: belum kejeron agik!

Faisal Admar said...

When we say "he/she is my perfect partner", it doesn't means that he/she is perfect at look, attitude and the list goes on. When we say he/she is perfect it means that we could accept him/her as he/she is and could spend the life forever with him/her till our last breath. It's not easy to choose the right one and that's why I don't choose one hurriedly. I'm not choosy but I rather choose the right one or just stay alone.

CAHAYA said...

I agree with you where perfection is not about finding someone perfect by looks, attitude or so on. When both match together, they're perfectly together. Nothing can change that.

Finding our very mr/mrs right is not matter of time. It can be very soon as possible or few years ahead. But, when that person passing by, you know you wanna spend your lifetime with that particular person. And it will not always by one looks. It may take years to realize that. :)