Friday, May 29, 2009


Speaking of reliable, I've encountered several issues by this 'reliable' term in the last few days. Its kinda ruined my entire week. Off day on Thursday and Friday was a bless. At least I can put my mind off from that issue for a little while. *Sigh*

Being reliable is good. Acting like one, is hell!

Everyone loves to be or work with reliable people. It's the person that you can count on to. The one that do as promised. But being reliable is not only by being available all the time. You have to show how capable you are in handling whatever tasks given. It's not just to 'be there' all the time.

I: Next time you wanna complaint Skin, don't complaint to T.
C: Why? I thought I can forward any of my concern at all people in this row. *showing the row of the supervisors*
I: Sometimes, you have to choose who the best person that will get it done for you.
C: Meaning?
I: The one that you can rely on.
C: So, T is not reliable. Why he still sitting in this place?
I: *smiling*
C: Whatever it's. Please get this done for me. *handing 2 pieces of paper*
I: I do whatever I can. Just keep your finger's crossed.
C: Whatever.

p/s: Kinda pissed off. Try to put yourself in my shoes. See if it fits.


Ad Rifza said...

Senang kalau bekerja dengan reliable person...semuanya beres dan ikut spec yg dikehendaki.. hehe.. Moga kita juga sentiasa reliable..

MariaFaizal said...

I've met kiasu peeps who pretend not to be reliable upon,so that they won't get more jobs.

Weird though, if these peeps get promotion or complain if someone else gets it.


Happy weekend anyways :D

CAHAYA said...

Ad Rifza,

Betul kot. Tapi kan bagus kalau mereka juga nampak orang yg tidak reliable tu supaya diturunkan pangkatnya. Ni kalau purpose dtg kerja nak main game, baik takyah!

Kerja itu amanah. Buat kerja, dapat pahat. Ye tak?

CAHAYA said...


Haha. Kiasu and tunjuk bagus. Itu golongan satu kapal. Padahal kerja tak seberapa pun. Itu yang sakit.

Pandai kipas cepat la naik. Lagipun orang2 macam ni, memang dibayar untuk jadi kipas. Hangin jek!

NaD said...

memang harus di banyakkan besabo...
sabo ye kak cahaya...

HEMY said...

it's a normal thing when from a group of person, there's only one of them who we could count on

amirul said...

Salam Cahaya,
Di alam pekerjaan nih... macam2 org buleh jumpa... yg kuat mengipas... yg tak de kipas... berbagai le... yg tak sukanya bersangkut paut ngan kita... hampeh!

CAHAYA said...


Tengah sabar ni. Redha je la kan? Nak buat macam mana.



I know it's normal. But I won't question their credibility if it weren't for this. If I can't count on them, I guess they're not suit for that place. Simple!

CAHAYA said...


Itulah. Selagi tak kacau kerja kita, Alhamdulillah. Sblm ini, pandai2 la diorang nak kipas ke, aircond ke, ape ke, janji tak kacau kita, sudah.

But once dah kacau. Itu yang hangin!