Tuesday, June 2, 2009


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We are already in the month of June. 3rd Quarter of 2009. I can't help not to notice that my life kinda going into one same direction for the past half year. It's parallel. And it's boring.

I wanna change it. But I don't know where to start. I don't which one I should keep and which that I should let go. It's kinda of tough call to everything.

I'm thinking of updating my resume and start looking for a new job. It's not that I don't like working in my current company. But I need it for my career advancement, apart from the salary increment. As at this time of economy ups and downs, I think it's best if we move on to wherever that give us the best and promising condition.

But still, I've few things that hold me from doing it. I love my current job and I love what I'm doing. My job scope and all. I like my colleagues, my friends, my so-called free parking space, and the environment. I hate to move on and start new, start fresh in new environment and workplace. It's not that I don't like meeting new people, but everything will be very new to me. I have to build new rapport, new circle of friends, new place, new route to workplace, new boss, new job scope and only God knows what else to expect.

Changes are not always a bad things, right? New doesn't mean that I can't adapt. What I have to do is try. If it's for good cause, I don't think I should wait. Gambatte!

p/s: I'm thinking to change my blog layout too. What do you think? This one is kinda gloomy. I like colors.


Jard The Great said...

then spice up your after working hours!!! hehehe

MariaFaizal said...

Bank Islam needs more AM/Exec:D


You just need a break/holiday?

HEMY said...

I think blue would suit you =]

I'm in the same situation as yours. Huuuu..It's a gamble..and it's a challenge

CAHAYA said...


I'm trying. Hehe. But it's hard not to do it without putting a bigger whole in my pocket. Ouch!


Maria Faizal,

Really? Where can I toss my resume? Holiday is overrated. But, I'm looking forward for KL-Penang-KL before the end of school holidays.

Makan2 trip, never let you down. :P

CAHAYA said...


Blue? Whoa. That's my last color among all. Hehe. But we never know right? Changing it to blue might give the blog a serene look and less headache. Haha.

Gamble and challenges. Isn't that what we called life? It might turn good if we're really into it. The most important is we WANT to do it because we WANT to do it. Not just for the SAKE of doing it. :P


MariaFaizal said...

If you check Bank Islam's web there'll b HR address at 7th Floor Takaful Building (next to Sheraton Imperial).

Attn your cv to Pn Asmiyah or Sharifah.

Best of luck! (prepare answers for unexpected Qs like Rukun Islam/Iman/wuduk/tajwid for simple Quranic verses etc..)

My jaw dropped when I was asked those Qs.Mcm nak pitam sbb everything was so 'kelam' at the time :)

aRaBeLLa said...

whooaa kak cahaya!! u and me in same situation!

aRaBeLLa said...
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This is Mine said...

Kak Cahaya!!!!

kangen sama kamu!!!

kak, add more colours to ur blog!!! heee~

looking foward to see the new layout!!!


DrSam said...

if you are in a dilemma or unsure of something, the best thing is to 'sembahyang istikharah' asking a 'petunjuk' from the Maker.

In order to change we have to move. I hope you are moving into the right direction.

Good luck CAHAYA!

zafi said...

if u think changes make u to be a better person than why not! same goes to your blog! enjoy variety of colors!!! its fun!

CAHAYA said...

Maria Faizal,

Woa! The interview kinda scary. I hate interview, but I enjoyed interviewing people for new position. Sometimes, even the simplest question seems hard to answer when we're in front of them. It's worst when you came unprepared. Huhu.

I'm looking for opportunity to work abroad. Or I'm thinking of pursuing my studies, which also gonna be abroad. Still in thinking and considering mode. I've to consider all the liability expenses if I'm to choose option no2, study.

Auwh, I need guidance. :P Thanks Sis.

CAHAYA said...


Same situation? Which one? Boring part or job issue?



Ni yang nervous ni. Huish! Akak pun blur nak tukar camne. Tapi nak tukar gak. Boring woo.

I love colors. Rindu Farah jugak. :)

CAHAYA said...

Dr Sam,

Yes. I can't agree more on that. Solat Istikarah could really help. But, I have to come out with some options first. You know, whichever is which. And then, I'm open for decision.

A lotsa things going on in my mind lately. Sometimes I'm thinking of changing my career path. Did something totally unrelated to whatever I did right now. But, I love it so much. Studying? In my list too. I'm considering to work abroad. I wanna see the world.

Pray for me. I really hope this is what I really want. Thanks thanks thanks. :)

CAHAYA said...


Yeah, as changes are not always a bad things. But we have to note that not every changes are good things. Just pray it will fall to my direction. The way I want it to be.

Everything must be accompanied by 'usaha' and 'doa', and the rest will fall into places. Just 'redha' if that is what He chose for us.

Err, about the colors, I'm kinda lazy, maybe I just grab any cute layout available on the net. Colors are good. Just not sure which is which. :P

m e E n said...

Make a change
Take a chance &
break away.

Spread your wings &
learn how to fly
(which i know u already have)

Gambatte Kudasai!

CAHAYA said...

Auwh, I love Kelly Clarkson. :P

I maybe know how to fly, but I'm flying mostly without direction.

Thanks so much. Arigato!

kcynodia said...

kangen juga sama kamu CAHAYA...

bertukar? pastikan yang terbaik yer...

layout sekarang ok lagi...
xpe, kalau dah tukar layout baru nanti, buatlah undian sama ada orang lain suka atau x...

izan said...


kdg2 tak seindah yang kita sangka....

k zan dah memilih satu jalan yg sukar.... dah tak boleh berpaling semula.

kena ubah pemikiran kita kepada positif .... pergilah berehat dan jgn terlalu bnyk fikir.

lagipun sekarang zaman gawat...

CAHAYA said...


Kangen? Alahai, comel je. Hehe.

Bertukar tak semestinya baik, dan juga tak semestinya tidak baik. Yang penting pertukaran itu, niatnya sememangnya untuk perbaiki diri. InsyaAllah, Dia akan permudahkan.

Undian? Wah2. Takdelah sampai macam tu kot. Hehe. Tungguuuuuu.

CAHAYA said...

Kak Izan,

Hidup ini memang tak selalu indah. Memang ada kiri dan kanan. Ada juga kadang2 kita di atas dan di bawah. Itu yang buat hidup kita bermakna. Waktu kita dibawah, kita inginkan kehidupan yang di atas. Tapi bila dah di atas nanti, jgn lupa pula bagaimana kita daki untuk ke atas. Takut2 lupa diri nanti.

Apa pun pilihan yang kak Izan pilih, Cahaya rasa kak Izan dah fikir sebaik mungkin dan menimbangtara semua pro dan cons nya.

Cahaya memang fikir positif. Perubahan inipun untuk tambah ion2 +ve dalam diri. Hehe. Majukan diri sendiri orang kata.

Time and tide waits for no man. Dan kebaikan tak selalu dtg, so kena lah grab bila ada chances tu. :)

@xiM said...

apa kata tukar layout hitam??mesti elegen dan bergaya jadi nya..hehe

sometimes what appear to be da end is really a new beginning..trust your instinct,and if you determine enough then just moved on..

changes sometimes could be interesting??dont you agree with this??


Honeya Diaz said...

wanna work abroad..? take me with ya... wanna get a new environment too.. weeeeee... huhuu..:)

CAHAYA said...


Hitam? Not a bad choice. I love black. People say pink and green is a new black nowadays. Haha. At least in my vocabulary. :P

I can't agree more on your statement. It might a very bright beginning for me. Who knows? At least that I can do is try. And I know He will decide the best for us.

I found my instinct very haywire these days. And I'm sorta fickle minded too. I can't really decide when it come to too many choices. I'll spoilt with the options.

Yeah! Changing might be interesting. That's why I can't wait. :P

CAHAYA said...

Honeya Diaz,

Yeah! Thinking of it yesterday. If I need a change why not try something out of ordinary. Maybe it's for the best.

A lotsa things have to be considered if I'm considering option working/studying abroad. I have to consider my old parents too.

Sigh. I thought it will be easy. Nah, good things won't fall easily on your lap, right? You have to strive for it. Nothing is impossible.

Wahidah said...

changes?? somtuimes changes is good..nak change layout eik...kasi colourful sket...oh yeahhh

CAHAYA said...

Yeah, maybe it's time for change. And hopefully it turns well.

Colors. Macam iklan Nippon Paint tu. Cute. Geram!

tchersally said...

working abroad n seeing the world sounds interesting..
tapi kan..kadang2 the changes that we are looking for lies deep within our soul..perubahan dalaman..

CAHAYA said...


Kinda agree with you. It doesn't necessary we need to change anything around us. Maybe what I need is a change in me. Hopefully!

Transformation, so they say. :P

But job offer abroad seems so irresistible!