Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stories like this gave me watery eyes.

I just can't help it. It was so sad to read the news about child abuse cases and abandoned babies everyday. The numbers kinda rising rapidly without warning. It was never a trend. But it seems to be like it.

So I decided to blog this sort of letter to all losers who abandoned and abused babies and children.


To Uncivilized-Irrational-So-Called-Human-Being,

These babies deserve a life, just as worth as you. Maybe it was out of desperation and embarrassment that lead you did this. So what? The damaged is done. Time to clean up your mess. And by cleaning up, I don't mean you should abandoned that human life as simple as that.

Everyone knows and it is common sense that s-e-x will lead to pregnancy. Duh! And I believe one of you have to carry these babies in your womb for quite some times, right? 9 months 10 days the most, or sometimes less (depends on complication that you had). Don't you feel attached? For full-grown-babies' cases, how can you know your life is more worth than them? Your own flesh and blood. I can't believe you can abandoned your babies just like that, and not to mention, out of guilt. You must be one hell of the devil.

As for child abuser around the world, I know you don't have guts (and balls) to beat an adult. And that's why you chose children. They're innocent. They can't fight you back. But what's the differences if you beat a wall, they can't fight you back as well. Why children? Are you that retarded?

And for family members, again, are you that retarded to notice your child has been abused this whole time? Or you just plain stupid and blind to care? There's no such thing as that abuser treated you children nicely in front of you. No such f-thing! Abuse doesn't happen overnight. That's why we called that retarded behavior as abuse, and not murder. Stupid!

So that's all. I hope not to hear from you again. I mean it!


To all, if you witness any cases like above, please don't hesitate to call the authority or you can call Talian Nur 15999 as well. Your identities will not be revealed. Just ask if you need help.

To abused and abandoned babies, my heart goes out to you. May your soul rest in peace. :(


~0~ said...


CAHAYA said...

Mimpi - sob sob. :((

~0~ - hmm.

Kniedaz said...

sangat jahat mereka itu..heartless & obviously stupid retarded people..

CAHAYA said...

Itulah. Sangat jahat! Geram sangat. Pastu jiran tetangga yang tahu, mak dia semua takda hati perut.