Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kad hijau.

Received a called around 5pm-ish.

"This is an international call. My name is Linda. I'm calling regarding your application of green card that you've filled-in several years ago. Are you still interested?"


"Are you still interested to be a citizen of United States?"

"Sorry. I'm not interested."

"May I know why you've changed your mind?"

"I guess I have lot more to offer here in my country."

"Oh okay. Nevermind. Thank you for your interest in our program earlier."



HEMY said...

wah..mmg siyes ke program tu yg dok pop up kadang2 tu..ingat spam je..ko pn nk plak isi..ekekeke

Jard The Great said...

green card? apsal diorg sibuk nk tambah forienger sedangkan mesia dok sibuk nak tngkp PTI dan hantar balik? ehehee

~0~ said...

aku pun xnak da green card...pasal da ada green card CIDB...ekekekek

yummien straggy said...

fuyo fuyo!

Mak Su said...

oohh...serius ker?