Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catching up.

I can't open Blogger from office's PC anymore. It has been blocked by the IT since last few weeks. So I've been posting entries (I know. Correction: Short phrases. Huhu. Sorry!) from my phone ever since.

Urgh, I missed blog-hopping and post entries with pictures. Believe me, I missed blog world more than you know. I've a lot to write but I don't think it would matter now since 'the moment' had passed. So, let it be.

My life kinda messy now. Going back and forth to Selayang Hospital for my physiotherapy once a week. Massive workload piled up on my desk due to my absence. Assignments due every weekends. Bla bla bla you don't wanna know.

But the best thing of all, I always find time for networking. Be it Facebook or Twitter. Yikes!


HEMY said...

try create flikcr account..leh uplod gambar n blog about it

yonna said...

laaa patut la nampak akak jarang blog dah. :) and jrg nampak akak kt blog orang lain dah. aihh apesal kena blog,kak? haiyaaaa.

nasib boleh bertwitter! hihi. yonna ingat kat rumah akak ada internet

CAHAYA said...

Hemy, flickr boleh update terus kat blogspot ke?

Yonna, kat rumah ada Internet and lappy. But by the time sampai rumah lepas keje dah terlampau letih dan fikir bantal je. ;)

mummysyafie said...

kat opis akak pun lama dah kena block..kena bawak "berukben" sendiri

CAHAYA said...


Kitorang tak boleh bawak lappy or broadband sendiri. Banyak sangat pantang larang. Sigh.