Monday, January 31, 2011

good. bad. past. future.

".... people have two sides. A good side, a bad side, a past, a future. And that we must embrace both in someone we love. And I tried." - Elise Ward, The Tourist

I knew this all along, but I always want to ignore it. Sometimes I believe human are impossible. Who am I kidding? Human race are impossible. I used to believe if they did bad things, they are bad people. And vice versa. Nothing is gonna make them change the way they were. They will known as bad people. And it stays that way. Forever.

I believe people will change given circumstances, eg. illness, repent, self-discover etc. But for how long? No one knows.

"Be strong" they say. But I don't know how. Teach me, if you may.


DrSam said...

selalulah bersangka baik kepada Dia...

CAHAYA said...


MariaFaizal said...

Strength is not sumting to be taught.But we're all a lot stronger than we know.

Happy holiday girl.Be safe & be happy :D

P/S : I love my "Pirate" man in Ther Tourist *wink2

CAHAYA said...

Hmm. Still.