Friday, April 29, 2011

Does everyone I love have to turn out to be a liar?

Another emo-hate post.

It’s all happening all over again. I’m fed up with people saying ‘I love you’ to me. As awful as it sounds. I guess people just don’t understand how powerful that is. To give someone your complete trust and promise without understanding what it actually means is beyond me.

It really hurts though, you know? It’s like getting your heart ripped out by someone who you would’ve given to anyway. It seems like everyone who I start to get feelings for does this to me. I don’t know whether they mean to do it or if they’re just that naive, but nonetheless it still hurts the same.

I feel like I’m losing the best thing that ever happened to me, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I just hope you know that it’s tearing me apart inside. In the words of the J Geils Band, Love Stinks. It really does.


DrSam said...

That one sacred word I don't dare to say it (carelessly) unless I really mean it. It is just another four letter word but its word can describe the 'feeling' behind that simple four letter word.

Cheer up CAHAYA!

miss said...

Hi Kak Cahaya!
I like reading ur blog.. So much remind me of myself about the broken heart... I hope this will inspires u as it inspired me...
"Cinta layaknya seperti seekor rama rama.. semakin kalian mengejarnya semakin jauh ia meninggalkan kalian
Biarkan rama-ramamu terbang kemana saja ia suka... Siapa tahu bila ia lelah dan tidak sedar akan kewujudanmu ia bakal mengibaskan sayapnya kearahmu menumpang teduh dari panas hujan badai dalam keadaan yang kau tidak mungkin sangka...
Atau mungkin saja rama-rama yang kau kejar itu bukan rama-rama yang Allah peruntukkan buatmu." :)

Pp said...

cahaya :-) i wish ur today is better than it was yesterday, and your tomorrow will be blessed with the love u deserve~!

Ju-Jue On the Line said...

Lama tak comment sini...but u're just awesome! :D