Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Here i am writing a rant *insert emo face here*

Its pathetic when people have such disgrace towards the introverts. We are not shy, we are just uncomfortable being around lots of people. We prefer to stay all alone in our room doing boring things instead of socializing outdoors.

Yes we prefer going for a walk alone in the park instead of following you to some outings we feel uncomfortable with. We don’t like to do anything without solid plan. No, we still do things at the last minutes, it just that we cant do random things when we are not mentally ready. We will get tensed and very uncomfortable afterwards.

Really stop insulting us for not being the outspoken, ‘fun’, sociable, outgoing, overly talkative people like you. Stop trying to push me to be extroverted, thats just not my personality. We tolerate your noise, so please with all due respect, tolerate with our silence.

Thank you.

P/s ; Bila aku cakap aku segan, I really really mean it. Please stop giving me those ‘eh bajet la macam ada orang nak tengok kau’ look.


your socially awkward friend ^.^


iNsOmNiAc said...

Gurl, I can totally relate to how you feel... Sigh! But some ppl juz won't take the hint, they juz hafta drag & shove us arnd to those strangers.
If only they knew how we really feel...

CAHAYA said...

Thanks. Finally, someone that understand me.

Sometimes it's not just friends. Family too. Why la kena paksa pegi sana sini. I dont mind if waktu I kawen nanti diorang x dtg. If I takde mood nak jumpa orang, xyah la paksa2. Huhu.