Wednesday, April 4, 2012

5/366: tiada tajuk.

“Deep inside, you hate yourself,” dia beritahu. Tak semena-mena.

“What?” aku soal semula. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Admit it,” dia masih tidak mahu mengalah.

“Admit what? I mean, why should I?” sambut aku.

“When you see other people, actually you don’t hate them but you hate yourself. You wish you’re as happy as them. But the truth is you hate yourself more.”

“I hate you. You know me too well,” kata aku kepadanya.

“It’s the denial. You know what, you’re such a misanthrope freak. Get a life. Go outside. Open your feeling. Tell them you’re not okay.” desak dia lagi.

“I don’t think so it will helps. I’m tired as hell trying. Nobody can fix me, I have a corrupted heart.” kata aku.

“You’re not as rotten as you think. Look around, they love you, like you, an inspiration to others. You appear to be lovely and bubbly that nobody can't help but just fall in love with you. Don’t you see it.” pujuk dia.

“I’m afraid you’re wrong. They don’t love me. They appear to be in love with me. Most people, they take things for granted. Eventually they will hate me, leave me.” aku membantah.

“That’s okay. You need me now. You need help.”

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