Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tropic Thunder after Kluang Station.

Last Wednesday was awesome! It was our first outing together after Raya, full with dinner, a movie and a good conversation between us.

We had our dinner at KluangStation@OU. Followed by "Tropic Thunder"!

"Tropic Thunder" was 'just okay!' for me. Both of my friends laughed-out-loud during and after the movie. Maybe, I was too tired to enjoy. Maybe.

The opening scene for "Tropic Thunder" was definitely a good one but I won't spoil it for you. Suffice to say - yes, Ben Stiller and his platoon mates, Steve Coogan and his entire crew were actually making a film based on a book written by Vietnam War veteran Sgt. Four Leaf, played by Nick Nolte.

Some people might get sick to the stomach (including me) watching soldiers being blown up to pieces, blood gushing out like a fountain from heads and guts dangling out from bodies in the most painful way one could possibly imagine. It really was gross but those effects were good (I can't deny it!). To enjoy the movie deeper, you've also got to know a thing or two about Hollywood's all time favorite films like "Forest Gump", "I Am Sam" and many more A-list movies, so you won't be lost in the dialogue between the actors.

Also, when watching "Tropic Thunder", pay attention to a little kid of about 12 who plays a drug kingpin in Vietnam. For a child playing the head villain with a cigar in one hand and a bazooka in another, this kid was really good.

As for the message part, I think what the director was trying to get across is, that it isn't easy being an actor, especially a good one. Anyone can be an actor but a good one is definitely hard to come by.

So now I'm just curious - do Vietnamese people speak Mandarin? Really? Haha.


Faisal Admar said...

I'm not a fan of comedy but to watch it once in a blue moon is okay with me :)

p/s: Didn't know that Vietnamese speaks Mandarin! Haha.

CAHAYA said...

Haha. Me too, so about my previous post, could you help?

p/s: Maybe some of Vietnamese do speak Chinese. Really? haha. Still. I doubt it!

Lestat said...

CAHAYA said...

Ada CD poco² tu tak? Yang ada orang Indonesia tu? Mane nak carik eh?

November 10, 2008 1:23 PM

I ada yang MP3 poco-poco original.Boleh di emelkan.

axim said...

citer apa tuh..between,da tengok citer Bond?

CAHAYA said...


taknak MP3, nak VCD. Yang ada joget2 tu. Hehe.



cerita lawak, oklah, takdelah best sangat. Bond blom tgk lagi, tunggu demam Bond reda dulu.

Suka Bebel said...

best tak kluang station tu? ni yg kat ikano tu ke? try yg original kat kluang br best.hehee...nanti p kenduri aku singgah2 la situ.haha siap promote lagik ni

CAHAYA said...

kluang station ni boleh la. takde la spesel sangat. biase² je. kenduri encik sukabebel di kluang tu belah perempuan kan?

p/s: btw, ni kluang station kat One Utama.

ita.itu said...

gigih ko ngk wayang ek..akak dah lama x tgk wayang..buat wayang lam umah ada la..haha

CAHAYA said...

wah! wayang di rumah, bagus! kita lom boleh berwayang di rumah lagi la. hehe.

:: Cikgu Wiween :: said...

nampak sedap nasik lemak tu kak! whoaaa forest gump & i am sam tu two of my all time favourites!! ;)

CAHAYA said...

mane ade nasi lemak. itu nasi ayam merah le cikgu oi!