Saturday, November 15, 2008

7-Day, Let Them Prove It.

One slimming center came to me last few weeks and offered me that they will shrink at least 1-2 sizes of my body. I told them that I've tried a lots of beauty centers and products to shrink my body for at least 10 years now. And none of them working.

I don't know whether to believe it or not. But, its no harm to try, right? It's free. So let them show their way. :) Hehe.

p/s: they said this is the last chance for me. Maybe.
At this point of time, I already lost 2kg. But, I hardly noticed it. But, scale never lie right? Especially my scale. Hehe.


Faisal Admar said...

my question is:

"do you do any exercise which involve with cardio?"

if not, even you have a good diet, it won't help much.

lipo sucking process is not advisable but it still depend on you.

remember there was a case about YB's wifey in Sabah died? Not much explanation on tv or newspaper but she did an operation for lipo sucking and end up infected by virus.

hope you think wisely before doing it ok.

Skullsplitter said...

erk. lipo sucking? Infected by virus? erk. Cahay.. You sure ke nk buat nih?? Erk.. Menakutkan lak.

**Why they said this is the last chance?


ixora said...

kalo naik, cepat je..mencanak2...pantang hepi sket, mula la naik timbangan tuh...
tp nk trun, punyer la xde hal lah..alhamdulillah, wat mase nih sehat walafiat lom lg obesiti..hehe..cme perlu kawal n terus bersenam...

chubby kn cute..=)

Catz said...

wah..menarik niiii..saya pun nak..tah berapa kilo badan ku naik lately..asyik..makan...makan...
camna nak join nih..

CAHAYA said...

Faisal, haha. It's not lipo-sucking as you called it. This place teach me how to exercise and eat right for my body. None related surgery procedures. :) But, thanks for your concern!

p/s: thanks for your time at Penang! I started to miss Penang already!



Haha. I'm sure and already done it. Tinggal lagi 2 hari lagi je. I feel good lately. Kurang letih. Toxin kurang kot! :)

p/s: they said this is the last chance because, there's no way to loose weight if not by exercise. But, if exercise can't shrink my body, maybe I have hormone-related problem. Ntah. Try je.

CAHAYA said...


tu lah. Cahaya dulu waktu naik, tak perasan kot. Tgh bahagia. Hehe. Skang rasa best sket kot. Badan rasa ringan, tak cepat letih. Bersenam memang sedap!

p/s: chubby memang kiyut, but gemuk tak kiyut kot!



badan catz okay lagi tu. Diorang ni offer masa Cahaya jalan² kat TheCurve. Bukan slimming center ni. This is actually a Clinic.

Wahidah said...

ala dh free why not cuba rite???

Suka Bebel said...

pusat kajiselidik pengemuk?hehe...alah, biar la berisi macamana pun asalkan jiwa gumbira

CAHAYA said...


tu la. dah free. cuba je la. :) kalay result okay, Alhamdulillah!


suka bebel,

haha. kelakar kan signboard dia? Jiwaku memang gembira selalu!

:: Cikgu Wiween :: said...

woo depa wat liposuction yek kak? ape mcm? okeh x? :)turun 2kg tu da bagus tu. ;)

CAHAYA said...

mane de buat liposuction. dia suruh exercise dan makan dengan betul je. tapi dalam 5 hari turun 2kg, dah cukup bagus kot!

Catz said...

oh..aku suka..
bak le perturunkan sket ilmu makan dan exercise utk turun 2kg in 5 days tuh...
errr....buat satu entry/posting khas (permintaan nih..hiks)

CAHAYA said...

haha. catz, nanti pengsan tgk. tapi takpe, insyaAllah kalau berkesempatan, ada la entry tu nanti.

arsaili said...

salam..just be extra careful, if its involve oral prescription or jab whatsoever

CAHAYA said...

sure, I will arsaili. Thanks a bunch. :) Nothing like that actually. I just eat whatever on the market. :) A lots of fiber, low salt, low calorie, and low sugar diet. They teach some good exercise too. :)

Faisal Admar said...

sorry for misunderstood the whole entry. if there's no operation needed, so nothing to be worried about. by the way, sorry that we didn't meet up :(

Skullsplitter said...

Nanti boleh ajar i cara exercise dorang. Huhu~ Mari same-same menjage kesihatan! Huhu~


CAHAYA said...


haha. it's okay! thanks for the advise tho'.

p/s: yeah! you have curfew right?



I will for sure. Haha. kecoh je I, kan? Tapi boleh je layan. :) Hehe.

Nikli said...

taking those pills could be bahaya jugak kaan.. so, hati2..

try to consult with doc..

CAHAYA said...

no pills la Nikli, thanks by the way. :)

p/s: this place itself is a clinic, and with doctors too.

Tepak Sireh said...

cahaya, maybe u can share with ur readers the tips and diet program... i pun tgh bertungkus lumus nak kurangkan berat, tapi susah sangat.... maybe u start with the diet intake suggestion... bcoz u mentioned fibre, low salt etc... interesting lerrr.. :D

CAHAYA said...

tepak sireh,

wah! u comment on my blog. i'm very grateful. :)

Just eat 3 main meals per day. And replace one meal with a lots of fibre, fruits (5colors at least), a vitamin C, and peanut butter.

For example,
Eat normally during breakfast and dinner.

For lunch,
1) 1-2 piece wholemeal bread with peanut butter or cheese (low fat cheese, prefer with low salt contains)
2) 5 colors fruits (tomato, kiwi, papaya, berries, pear)
3) vitamin c

Eat 1 glass of water every hour before 10pm

When woke up, try to do lympathic exercise, such as skipping, jumping on mini-trampoline, cycling on the air, tummy tucking and also side kicking.

that's it. I lost 5.5kg right now. And still maintaining. I can really see on appearance but I can wear my old clothes. Yeay!