Monday, December 1, 2008

When A Girl Fall in Love (Part 1).

What is love all about? Sex? Money? Friendship? Heart-ache? What do you know about love?

Love is not selfish.

It is not about being together with someone we love. It is not about having possess someone we love. It is not about holding the grip tightly onto the person we love.

For me, Love is about learning to let go. Love is seeing the one we love happy, knowing that he/she is leading a great life over even it's without us around, giving him/her full freedom to pursue their own dream.

Love is all about sacrificing for the sake of the one we love.

When we're being with someone, it does not necessarily meant forever together. But the love that exist, will remain deep in the bottom of our my heart, for as long as we I live.

He/she might walk out of our life anytime without we knowing when, but the memories which were created between both of us will not be taken away. Sometimes, we don't have to be together with the one we love.

When current circumstances make it impossible for both of us to be together, it is comforting and blissful enough to know that there's someone out there who holds a special place in our heart, who will always care.

Just leave it to the hands of fate. If our path meant to cross again, they will, someday.


>>>>>to be continued...


Skullsplitter said...

Erm. Nice topic Cahaya. Sometimes, when we never give up in love/relation, it's doesn't mean that we can't accept separation. But when we fall in love with someone we just make a promise to bring up our partner not just with love but also with responsibility. That's what we call 'true love'.


CAHAYA said...

Promises. People caught up in promises make themselves hard to move on. Don't you think it such a burden then?

Commitment and promises supposed to be sacred between 2 persons in love. And when it happen, we really want to spend our lifetime with them. But not all love story ended happily ever after, right?

Same goes to mine then. huhu. :(

Nem0 o0h Nem0 said...

cinta itu nikmat tp menyakitkn.. =)

CAHAYA said...

My friend pernah cakap, Sakit itu nikmat. Btol kot! Rasa sakit ni. :(

Faisal Admar said...

My friend pernah cakap "Tak sakit sedap, Tak lama sekejap". I did not understand what it is about. Ignore.

Hmm. Is December a month of heartache? I read many blogs with the same topic -- heartache.

Have you read my Love Hurt post before? I guess you will like it :)

izan said...

Terbanglah kedunia manapun..... satu hari tetap pulang ketempat asalnya.
walau sekadar menyinggah....
manis itu tetap ada walau pahit dibawa...
cewaahhh....hikksss... akak gurau..

CAHAYA said...

Haha Faisal, I also don't know what you're talking about. What is 'Tak sakit sedap, Tak lama sekejap" means? It sounds weird too. Huhu.

About December's heartache month, I've no comment. Maybe just coincidence. Or people like to turn new leaf/girlfriend/boyfriend/friend for the coming new year. Haha. Andaian je ni.

p/s: I've read it. :( not happy with love.

CAHAYA said...

Kak Izan,

Pahit macam mana pun kena telan jugak kan?

Apa² pun Cahaya sangat tenang, tak perlu fikir benda² ni semua.

Abah Mui'zz said...

Sekadar memetik kata-kata orang lain - "Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful."

CAHAYA said...

Wah! Thank Abah Muiz. Memang best kata² tu. Bersemangat tiba²!

ixora said...

sakit sis..
my fren ckp
cinta leh wat manusia jd -ve..

mungkin kot...XOra tak setuju..

tp dier bg cth:

xleh mkn, xleh tdo, xleh wt kije..asyik nmpk dier jer..btol ker..?

teach me how 2 luv..uikss..

Wahidah said...

hurm...sakitnya biler dikecewakan...but thats life...ade bahagia ada deritaaa

CAHAYA said...


btol kot kata kawan Xora tu. Tapi Xora kan, bila ada dia, selera makan terus memuncak. Selera lain pun sama gak. Huhu. Kidding. LOL.

p/s: Cinta dtg dari dalam. Cinta padaNya yang satu yang hakiki, Cinta pada manusia kekal sampai mati. Boleh ke nak belajar?

CAHAYA said...


Sakit memang sakit. But, one of my dear friend said, sakit tu nikmat. Mudah2an, sakit ni boleh bersihkan kita dari dosa² terdahulu yang kita lakukan. :) InsyaAllah.