Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bed and William.

I bought a bed, finally! And we (Intan, my housemate and I) when out to celebrate at William.

Gosh! I really craving for Nasi Goreng Seafood Sotong. Yummy! Intan had Indo Mee Butterprawn. I don't like the taste, it somehow sweet. Why?


Anonymous said...

duk mkn kt william,mmg yuummmy la..
lbh2 lagi pizza ,mmg sedap..=)

CAHAYA said...

sedap eh pizza? blom penah try lagi. Ada tak menu² lain. Cahaya selalu try nasi goreng je, sebab menu lain takut tak besh!

Tepak Sireh said...

citarasa bed u dgn i samalah... i used to hv katil macam tu... i suka yg besi2... tahan lama dan tahan hentakan ... hikssss

CAHAYA said...

hahha TP. you nak menghentak ngan sape tu. nakal btol! :)

p/s: there's a vintage look that's why I attracted to that bed!