Friday, December 5, 2008

When A Girl Fall in Love (Final)

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I believe there will always be a blessing beneath everything that happened. Allah led me to it. He shall lead me through it. I do not blame anyone, as I understand that love can't be forced. However, I could not find any good excuse to forgive myself, to forgive my naive behavior and all those stupid things I've done, which in the end, hurt no one else, but me, myself and I.

I wonder if there will be anyone who could accept me for who I am now, because me myself can't even seem to accept the real me now. I felt ashamed of myself, I really do. I was a loser in love, who got dumped and left all alone, when I sincerely gave my heart and soul to him.
One of my treasured friend told me that, "You should not let this experience holding you back from seeing other hopes in life."
It's true, but at this moment, I am too tired to be able to see any hopes in life. I'm not willing to risk it again, and get hurt once again. It cut deep, so deep that I barely feel any pain anymore.

Yet, I'm forever grateful that throughout these time, I've gained and learn a lot. I should be thankful. For all the care and love from those who truly concern about me especially my family members and friends. I sincerely Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I shall treasure all of you.

I am blessed, after all, as I still have all of you who still love me. I might lost the love of my life, but I gained a great lesson, and some treasured friendship as well.
One of my good friend said, "Sometimes not wrong to dwell in your misery, but don't drown in it, you must know when to stop and move on again. Now you cry or whatever, it's part of the healing process."
Thank you, your words lighten my heart.

All said. :)


en_me said...

hi akak cahaya itteww..

CAHAYA said...

hi en_me!

Anonymous said...

you are beautiful...too much things to say...come visit me dear.take care.t

CAHAYA said...

thanks noor. thanks so much! :)

Anonymous said...

i understand. Ok. you dont have to come to my party..but can I meet you?..please call me. Take care sweetie.

Skullsplitter said...

Be yourself. Try to do the rite thing in your life. I know its not easy, but at least we have to try rite? Like I said before, love is not only love, love is responsibility. And the great love is love to the oneness. To Him. He's always with you. =)


:: Cikgu Wiween :: said...

I was a loser in love, who got dumped and left all alone <-- giler terasa ween baca ayat nih. huhhuhu :P

Faisal Admar said...

Love is in the air. Breath in... breath out. Do you feel love? ;)

Make a good interpretation alright?

arsaili said... is all about the long kena berhadapan dgn pelbagai posibilities

CAHAYA said...

Noor: InsyaAllah.

Skully: Thanks.

Cikgu Wiween: That's how I felt. Broken.

Faisal Admar: I don't believe in love anymore. Love between a man to woman. No such thing. I love my mum. Huhu.

Arsaili: Yep, possibilities which not really possible. Huhu.

zackzara said...

When a girl fall in love...she will love unconditionally.

When a girl fall in love...she will love more than she love herself.

When a girl fall in love...she is in love too deeply.

But when a girl falls out of love...she gonna make a real come back and there is no turning back.

Move forward, and you will soon find yourself falling in love again, with yourself, of course.

CAHAYA said...

I find myself static at this point of time. I can't move or don't wanna move either forward or backward. I just afraid that I will loose something precious by moving. :(

p/s: I'm in love too deeply but not deeper than to Yang SATU. Cinta hakiki. Cinta padaNya.