Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tony Roma + Los dan Faun.

Last night, we had our dinner at Tony Roma. Ju has been craving for Tony Roma and we decided to have one (even though we are broke!). But, who cares right? We live life to the fullest. Enjoy every bit of it. (Haha, I'm sounded like no hope! Bang!) I think I am. Huhu.

Top-Pina Colada, Mid-Sunrise Suprise, Left-CranberryFrizz

What I love Bountiful Ribs and Grilled Shrimp @ Tony Roma. Superb! Voila~ And I like the special sauces too. My favorites are smokey and honey. You should try too. :)

I read on someone's blog that 'Los dan Faun' not Afdlin's best film. I agreed. But, I (we) enjoyed it so much. I had a good fake laugh. At least I enjoyed it better than Sumo lah! Huhu.

p/s: I will review this film later. Not in the mood of commenting and bashing. Huhu.


Porcelain Doll said...

wahhh! bestnyer!!!
where about this place ya?

suddenly i have the urge to have burger now or maybe later for dinner!

Faisal Admar said...

pina colada is my favorite at the chilies hehe ;)

the burger looks tasty though hehe.

ryann said...

tak sempat tonton lagi filem ini. memang tak ketinggalan filem2 adlin. kreatif n kelakar

CAHAYA said...


Tony Roma @ Cineleisure Damansara. :)

The size of the burger actually so big, and the picture lies. :)



Pina Colada taste like santan. :) but with pineapple, yummy!~~

p/s: looks can be deceiving. but it's tasty!

CAHAYA said...


filem adlin ke, afdlin? Ni afdlin punya kan? Adlin pelakon. *confused

Apa² pun dalam filem ni, kelakar chomel la watak² dia. Tapi Cahaya still rasa citer Baik Punya Cilok yang da' best. :)

Nanti saya review citer ni yer. :)

en_me said...

bestnyerrr.. sonoknyerrr..

CAHAYA said...

memang best pun! :)

Faisal Admar said...

looks can be deceiving :) love this sentence.

its great when we can hang out with friends and spend some time :)

CAHAYA said...


yep, absolutely! Nothing's beats a good conversation. :)

Hang out. Good food. Good conversation. Perhaps, good life! :)

p/s: so much of live life to the fullest. Yeay!

Faisal Admar said...

bad thing is i'm not living to the fullest. not yet maybe. struggling my heart, my lung out. with no solid reason i am still stuck to the crap i'm involved with.

tonight i am going to dine out with some colleagues. i don't have many friends to hang out together. most of the time i keep myself busy at work and in my room. nothing much left for me to bite in weekdays. nothing much different in weekend too. i prefer my life to be that way... sometimes.

sometimes i just don't know. my brain doesn't works well... sometimes. pretty confusing don't you think? maybe i need to get back to my idiotic habit such as remembering all those words in the dictionary? or trying something worse? sorry for crapping in your blog but just sharing some thoughts even though they might sound crappy.

old town tonight. some ice cream and toast to cool me down.

RieNa.YuMi said...

cahaya....yumi suka tony romas... ;)

yOnnA said...

los dan faun make me sooo dissapointed +_+

Anonymous said...

sedap ker mknan kt Tony Roma? x penah try lagi..

ramai kate cite los n faun tu x best!! tp sy x g tgk lagi no komen..=p

Abah Mui'zz said...

Sedapnya makanan tuhhh.

axim said...


btw,havent try yet to have meal in Tony Roma...will try it later on..


izan said...


macam ni tak boleh lar nak tettt..... sedapnya makan tuuuu... yumie2.

Catz said...

ehm...nampak sedapnyaaa..tak pernah mkn sini..
oh..tetiba rasa nak makan burger..
eerr...hows ur diet progress?
still losing weight?

CAHAYA said...


1stly, sorry for our cancel meet-up. So much going on here and there.

As what you've mentioned, you like being typical and do typical routines, don't you? Why not tukar angin once in a while?

Take it easy buddy. :) Life's too short!

CAHAYA said...


Cahaya pun suka Tony Roma. Malatop!



Yep, turn-off sket kot lawak 'coli' tu. :(



Best! you should try! :) Sedap sangat!

p/s: memang x berapa best pun!

CAHAYA said...

Abah Muiz,

Sedap, kenyang perut sangat²!



Hahaha. Rasa macam kelapa diparut je. :) Rasa santan² pun ada. Huhuhu. Tapi, bila dah campur dengan pineapple tu, masam² sket. Sedap!

Tony Roma ni famous dengan ribs and steak. Should try one of those. Yummy!

CAHAYA said...


tu la, macam mane la nak diet ni. Huhu. Lantak la, no one to impress pun! :)



so far, sebab asyik makan je kot, so progress skang ni 6kg je since ari tu. Boleh pakai baju lama dah. :)

Framestone said...

maybe ye seperti yang dinyatakan di blog tue... lagipun filem nie dah lame siap cuma lambat di kuarkan je... dalam tempoh masa tue afdlin ade jugak wat cerita len

ini story kite time tgh los dan faun dulu

CAHAYA said...


tu lah dia. dah lama dah nampak promo ttg filem ni dlm blog Afdlin. But, walaupun dah banyak filem lain yang dia dah buat, masih tak tertanding dengan Baik Punya Cilok. Storyline selepas itu dah nampak biasa sangat.

I love Cuci too. But Cuci Hans punya kan?

Suka Bebel said...

tony roma's memang the best lah, tgu gaji ni nak belanja isteriku.hehe...

betul ke tak best los dan found tu?br plan nak nengok

CAHAYA said...

tu lah! best! skang ni dah beralih dari Chilli's ke Tony Roma. Tapi sekali sekala nak jugak merasa Molten Chocolate Cake kat Chilli's.

Biase² je. Takdelah best sangat. Nak pegi tgk? Sila², sokong industri filem Malaysia.

p/s: kem salam isterimu.

Porcelain Doll said...

thanks dear!
very near to my place plus i hang out at the curve almost everyday!
so, next visit will definitely gonna be there =)

Faisal Admar said...

because our plan canceled, just now i took my family to the mee udang place. hehe... will write about it later.

CAHAYA said...


Ohh so you're nearby? Cool!



Ya lah, frustrated about our plan. :( Next time I will travel with not-so-fickle minded friend. :)