Monday, February 23, 2009

Just My 2-Cents About This.

And as civilians.

Actually, I'm not very keen in politics. And my knowledge about politics especially in Malaysia can be considered as lower than average. Way way too low. But, I can't help not to toss something that came into my mind after last night's Buletin Utama.

People, even politicians, are entitled to a measure of privacy within the confines of their bedrooms unless they are breaking the law. And it includes the usage of public toilets and hotel rooms too.

As for me, after knowing about something related to videos and pictures that have been taken in public toilets and hotel rooms make me not wanting to use these two facilities unless I have to, desperately. I always took an extra precautions by looking for cameras in hotel's bathroom because I don't want to end up in any series of public pornography of fat girls. Yucks! I know. But, we never know, right?

I'm so happy that they already taken some actions, legally, over some sick pervert who taken nude/obscene videos and pictures of girls/boys urinating, changing clothes, bathes without consent and distributed them to public. I hope others will then follow it as a lesson learnt and not taking people privacy for granted. We should respect others if we want the same thing in return.

Taken from GoogleImage

As the hot issue of Ms Elizabeth Wong's case, there doesn't appear to be an alleged crime. I don't know whether it had something to do with her position as Bukit Lanjan's Assemblymen. As for her moral misconduct, it is for the people who put her as leader to determine whether she stays or goes. Again, I'm speaking not as someone that on PKR's side or anything. I'm speaking just for the sake of privacy. It just a coincidence that this involves her.

If there is evidence of political involvement in this Wong's case, I believe those losers are more or less the perverts. It must be other ways, right?

It may be a new trend in Malaysian politics. But, I don't like this new trend. It's yucky. How about you?

How about violation of privacy of a girl who urinating in public toilet? She's on no one side. But, people still violate her privacy. People with no responsibility at all. It's so unfair.

p/s: Mahu sahaja hukum mereka yang tidak siuman itu dengan mengambil gambar mereka dan edarkan pada orang ramai. Tapi, ntah2 mereka enjoy jika diperlaku sebegitu. Buang karan saja.

p/s/s: I hate some of my colleagues that became pervert-in-the-making as they like to candid and videotaping in gents. Luckily our toilet is not for unisex. Sick!

18 comments: said...

yup! uR rite.

bukan ke itu privasi peribadi sbg manusia. tapi biasalah dunia politik ni mmg kotor. kalau tak bersedia beginilah padahnya. anything can happen.

CAHAYA said...

itulah. kalau kerana politik, biarlah mereka itu. kalau dah bermain dengan perkara macam ini, macam mana nak pimpin negara. Adoi la.

Tapi kesian kat budak yang tak tahu pun apa itu politik tapi gambar mereka tersebar. :(

Suka Bebel said...

politics in malaysia more dirty than pig shit! itu yang aku boleh nak komen.memang malas layan politik malaysia ni tapi sentiasa mencuri perhatian dengan berbagai taktik kotor.macamana lah negara ni nak maju?

Anonymous said...

by the sleeping with no underwear...i dont think its a crime...there are more to it...but i shall not elaborate here nor continue with a email subscription on this blog coz i dont like politics..what ever pun..its not her fault..some assholes up there...

CAHAYA said...


Cahaya tak tertarik pun. Cuma tertarik pada 'violation of privacy' itu. Cahaya malas nak bergelumang begitu dan begini. :)



I'm not keen in politics either. As if you read through, there's more to it. I don't like people taking pictures/videos of some girls/boys and distribute it to others. Even they did it just for fun, eg. my colleagues.

This is not a politics blog. Just another civilian who sick with this kind of things.

TuN TeJa said...

mainan politik..biasa tu mnjatuhkan org ni..kita sbg rakyat tgk jela..smbil ketawa..bleh?? ;p

CAHAYA said...

Hmm. permainan politik tu x leh cakap ape. sebab cahaya pun bukan dlm kelompok itu.

tapi, Cahaya tak sebok pasal politik pun. Cahaya x sker pervert. Itu je!

cik siti penguin said...

people often easily blur the line between personal and professional.

DrSam said...

in politics morale is the last thing up their sleeves. So sad people has to resort to this shameful ways in achieving whatever their ambitions are. Desperados!

Monkey D Luffy said...

ahhh... politik... hmmm...

bluecrystaldude said...

when politicians are busying with their own conflict, who will take care of our economy? I actually like politic, but politic in Malaysia is becoming dirtier than ever. They can't admit when they made mistakes and cannot agree with others' ideas.

Yeah, you are right about privacy. It's a shame for others and even bad for Malaysia.. Sigh..

Thanks for commented in my blog earlier! Have a nice day! :):)

[danial][ma] said...

hej!'s privacy invasion no matter who you sad that the legislation quarter just closed their eyes, and you have no more privacy in your own four walls...Malaysia, where is your sanity? :(

en_me said...

perghhh, gambo elizabeth lentok abes tewwww.. ekeke

Kniedaz said...

dalam politik takde yang bersih..even org yang kita nampak baik tetap kotor..politik tu kotor bukan kerana ianya politik tapi kerana orang politik telah mempolitikkan politik menjadi arena yang kotor...malas nak tau pasal politik negara..hampa & hampas

p/s: just my thought ya! *wink*

CAHAYA said...


There's no such if you're in that field.



Desperate and dirty. It must be other way, right?

CAHAYA said...


if you read through, I x cakap pasal politik la yang oi.



Yep, why not concerntrate more on economy and unemployment rather than this dirty s**t.


CAHAYA said...,

it just like the movie, right? or we're puppets, so we have to do/be at our very best.


lor, itu je nampak? tak patut!

CAHAYA said...


thanks. haha. Cahaya pun dah tak ambik peduli pasal politik tu. Tapi pasal privacy kita di rumah, di tandas awam, hotel room, dah sangat tak best dan menakutkan.

cuba bayangkan, kalau kita pegi melancong, pastu dlm bilik itu ada kamera, samada kita lakukan benda baik atau buruk, tetap dirakam. hish, mintak jauh!