Friday, March 27, 2009

Untuk KAMU.

Disclaimer: Entry ini ada 2 post. Post-1 ada kaitan dgn lagu di atas. Post-2 tiada kaitan. Post-1 dan Post-2 tiada kaitan. Haha.


Memories are sweet. And sometimes bitter. But I like to keep the sweet one.

Sometimes we do think about our ex boyfriends and girlfriends. Maybe because we're still in love with them. Or maybe not.

For me, when I did think of him, it's not because of love. It just because of the memories. It doesn't mean that I'm still not moving on. Period.

So, please don't be over excited when I do contact you once in a while. :P



As this entry is specially dedicated for you (you know who you are and I know you'll definitely read this), and you're a female, I don't want this post to sound like a post from one lesbian to her partner, because I'm not. You? I'm not sure. Kidding. LOL.

Thanks for calling me last night. I've been waiting for the full 2-months for your call, SMS, IM or any other methods of communication available in Malaysia. Waiting is something that I really hate. And you know that, right?

I'm sorry for my 'bitchy' SMSses and emails that I sent to you earlier. Believe me, I only meant not even half of the messages. It was full of hate. I don't know what was I thinking when I wrote those messages. I'm not angry at all. I'm just sad. So sad. And there's a frustration involved too.

You left me all by myself to handle your 'dirty' scandals. I guess I can handle it for a while. But not for long. Too much pressure around and I've lost it. I lost myself too during the process. I became very 'stiff' in everything I do, including my words. I hurt people with my words (they asked for it for sure! Padan muka. Haha). And I hurt you too. **geram sangat!

I hope that can explain the 'bitchy' part.

I hope you can put it all behind us. And I'll definitely do the same. About all those losers, just forget about them. Okay?

I'm your friend. Always. Count on me. I'll be there. No matter what.


p/s: there's some changes in the entry and I click PUBLISH POST for the 2nd time. the time will change too. so please don't ask me any ridiculous question. I don't know what went wrong.


Jard The Great said...

since the post is unrelated to me.. all i can say.. dear fren who is suppose to read this post.. pls forgive Cik Cahaya.. hehehe

CAHAYA said...

Haha. Thanks Jard. :P How about the song? :P

cik siti penguin said...

post 1; yeah. remembering someone doesn't mean you're not over them, =]

post 2; people do many things in the heat of the moment, some things they regret even. oh yes, even I've done many disgusting things when angry. >_<

HEMY said...

unlucky..I cant stream you tube videos!!! Cahaya's friend..forgive her and let's go out with me...ahahahaha

Ad Rifza said...

Post 1 : Yaa.. when we remember all the memories thats not means that we want to get back in love with ex..Just a sweet remember..hmmmhmmm..

Post 2 :Yup..sometimes we lost our words because we follow our emo.. thats no means we hate them. rite?..Sometimes if we are angry we cant stop what we want to say or do..An emo part of our life.. huhu.. Hope they can understand ,thats means we love them as a frenzz..

CAHAYA said...

cik siti penguin,

so far, what disgusting thing you've done? care to share? :P



I can't stream from office either. LOL. :P

Thanks, thanks, thanks. Erk! Part go out to, I guess she'll definitely read kot. :P

CAHAYA said...

Ad Rifza,

Post-1, You do sometimes remember your ex eh? :P

Post-2, Yes! I'm the person who sometimes will blurt out all 'unnecessary' words when my emotional not really stable. Will try to improve in the future. And I really hope she do understand. :)

Dakjaat™ said...

hello cahaya.. nak panggil nama ape nie??

As said...

wei, i love both posts. :P

yang 1st - memories itu yang buat kita lebih hargai hidup dan mereka disekeliling kita

yang 2nd - gurl frens are always great! nak2 time hang out and all...wuhuuu!

haritz said...

Ooo.. tu yang mengelamun semalam tu yer..pasal ni lah huahuahua

CAHAYA said...


Panggil Cahaya pun boleh. :P



Thanks. :)

1) betul. menghargai apa yang ada, yang tinggal. Memori! :P

2) haha. saya memang rindu gilfren saya la. :( best fwen memang best!

CAHAYA said...


tak jugak. masa mengelamun takde plak citer ni. berkenaan mengelamun tu efek ubat kot. Haha.

**Under flu medication this whole week. :P

landaklaut said...

best lagu ni! i like! thanks for sharing! :)

CAHAYA said...

best kan? tapi rasanya 'wanita' itu agak ter'over' dlm video clip ini. hehe. Katanya dia pakai make-up artist Kris Dayanti.

MariaFaizal said...

Post 1:
I think I live on another planet :(
This is the 1st time I 'Scene&Heard' Alyah... :(
We remember someone due to (either) these 2 reasons :
i)Hate him/her
ii)Care for him/her


I've learned lessons(the hard way unfortunately)where :

There are things better left unspoken, especially when we're angry.

Do take care.

CAHAYA said...

Sis Maria,

:) Agreed to both comments on Post-1 and Post-2. Care and hate eh? I didn't hate him as far as I know. Care? Hmm. Ada ke? Ntah. Haha.

al-hussaini said...

cerita pasal memori ex-girlfriend ni..tup tup...dia ada pula kat Poliku. Nasib jabatan lain...

btw, just friend kan...

Faisal Admar said...

if you still think about him, that means you still love him. if you still hate him, that means you still love him too.

i know it sounds weird but that's life isn't it?

CAHAYA said...


Macam sudah ditakdirkan pulak. Bukan ke? :P


Faisal Admar,

Yeah! Weird, but as u put it, it's life. And life facts sometimes weird and kinda irrelevant. :)

Pp said...

wow....suka saya membaca u and ur friend are getting together again...
forgive and forget gitu kan.

lagu best!

sweet memories....ermm...sesekali bila buka album gambar2 lama2...tersenyum sendirian.

CAHAYA said...

Hye Pp,

Forgive maybe. But not forget. :P Ops ops ops!

**Manelah my album hilang. Huhu.

DrSam said...

This time I have to read twice, up to the bottom to make sure I don't get involve in any of these scandals :)

I strongly believed that 'cahaya' will always shine on others!

izan said...


sabar ye.... bila dah jodoh tak kemana.

CAHAYA said...


Haha. Funny. How's Korea?

Cahaya shine on others eh? Haha. Oklah tu kan?


Kak Izan,

Sabar, Jodoh? Erk. Hmm. Jodoh dgn siapa? Nak sabar kenapa? :(

*SiRibenMerah said...

do u believe ur instinct??
I do coz everytime i feel like my ex around me.. I do meet him.. hurmmm.... tapi kalo I still pk psl dia, x mungkin kerana sayang kan????

CAHAYA said...

Sometimes I do believe my instinct too, but I always bear in mind that was all coincidence. I don't want to believe as 'he' is really for me. Haha.

Betul! Tak mungkin kerna sayang. Kerna terfikir je. Terkenang!

鐵板豆腐Fay said...