Thursday, April 16, 2009

For Girls Only.

“Connie, do you know why that little boy did those things? Because he likes you.”

“We are all programmed to believe that if a guy acts like a total jerk that means he likes you.”

- from a movie, 'He's Just Not That Into You'.

'He's Just Not That Into You' is a very simple and pretty straightforward movie. I went to watch it last night with Intan. It's romantic, funny and too much of everything kinda chick flick. Girls might like it. Guys, I'm not sure. I've seen guys laughed out loud in the cinema just now. But, none of them were came in single. This movie kinda make me wants to evaluate what's going on with my personal relationships though. So I like it. I wanna read the book too.

Like Gigi in this movie, I'm somehow like to reserve myself with my-so-called-own-excuses when the guys I've dated didn't call me back after the first date. True enough what Alex, one of the character said, where guys will definitely call if he wants to call. And same goes to if they want to go out or move forward - he'll definitely gonna tell, he definitely will make it work!

There's no such things as he might lost my number or anything. Or even if maybe he got hit by a cab or out of town. He's just not that into me. As simple as that!

When I was a little girl, I've been taught a lot of stuffs. Stuffs like we shouldn't trim our own bangs or else something bad will happen to you and stuff like when guys being or act like a jerk, punches or said bad things to you, that's just means he likes you. Funny. But, I'm kinda conned into that too.

My childhood thoughts also been abducted to something like - there's a guy for every each one of us and we will definitely get to our own happy ending. Every movie we saw, every story we read, make us want to wait for it. To wait for the 'right' person who we kinda believe as 'our own happy ending.' We just have to wait for the simple 'twist' and add some faith in it. He just need to make the declaration and he's all ours by exception. I like to believe that. Too much to be true, right? But, I still wanna believe.

But sometimes, too much of focusing to find the ultimate 'the one' or 'the happy ending' make us forget to see or read the signs. We tend to forget, after all this is a game for two. And it's definitely not only about one person, us. This movie made me realized about some signs that I actually ignored. The signs which pretty crystal clear. We really can tell whether the other person really wants to be with us and the person who don't. Same goes whether they wanna stay or leave at the end of the day.

Maybe happy ending is not about being together. You and me. But something else. Something like picking up all the pieces and moving on. Maybe it's fated that way. And he - the one who didn't returns our calls or messages, the one who ditches us and the one who embarrassed to be with us; are just not really for us. And they actually don't deserve to be with anybody. Keep the faith going on, will ya? I will. God works in mysterious way.

So to be exact, this 'He's Just Not That Into You', indeed, made me see that there's hope after all in this crazy world of love.

All girls should watch this. Definitely recommended!

p/s: alamak, tak sedar dah tulis panjang sangat. Ada ke orang baca ni?
p/s/s: Today is Ju's birthday. Happy Birthday Ju. Wish you many happy returns. Sushi yuk!


This is Mine said...

akak saje je nie!!!!!


mau tgk gak!!!


akak blanje...

**kak JU.... happy birthday!!!!! moga pjg umur + d murahkan rezeki....


CAHAYA said...

Boleh je nak belanja Farah. Datang je. Kan senang.

Nak belanja kat Jengka tu macam jauh je. :P

p/s: Kitorang makan Sushi today!

MariaFaizal said...

Happy Birthday Ju..

And, your N3 has made the movie so intriguing for me to watch it!

As for me, there's always reason why Mr Right is not Mr Left. It's called 'jodoh' sweetie...

Do take care.

m e E n said...


girl thing plak..

Jard The Great said...

hehe.. i read it.. yups.. until now i fail to see if a guy likes me or not...

most recently a guy sms said "jgn malu2. jom bercinta".. i took it as a joke.. hahaa... arghh!

Anonymous said...

Salam... I got it girl... He's definitely just not that into me... :(

ixora said...

ermmm...jom tgk rmai2..farah jom...lala..

hepi besday tuk k.ju...

nk jugak sushi..ermmmmm...

zackzara said...

As the movie might not hit my area, I guess I would settle for the book, then. I jumped to the second book called "It's Just A Date" and it's kewl.

Btw, back to the movie, yup.. it's right. If they wanna call, they will call. And if they don't, well...its time to move on. Yup, it hurts but couldn't really thought and bother about it is too precious to waste it to thinking about it when he might have enjoyed his life.

He's not into me!

*tunggu cue from my muvi partner plak...bila next 'date'. hahaha..

cahaya bulan said...

ada org baca sampai abis..:) saya pun baca sampai abis..he3..

x sabar nak tngok movie tu as smalam tngok 'Fast n Furious'..
Best giler citer ni.. full of action n no romance at all..he3...

tp nt nk tngok citer he's just not that into u plak.. coz cik cahaya recomended.. mestila kena g tngok kan..:)

yOnnA said...

ngee need to watch this!!
tq 4 the review kak :)

miezi said...

i do read them :)

HEMY said...

The worse part - you keep on looking..but he just near you..right in front of your nose..but you don't see him

cik siti penguin said...

wah. i suddenly feel like watching it too. your review made me feel, well, they way you felt. fairy tales teach us nothing but lies. that's what i feel sometimes. but well, at the end of the day all of us want to believe it.

p/s; don't tell effie about this but i think she's right about me, >_<

Ju-Jue On the Line said...

Nicely put.

Thanks all for the bday wishes.

Sushi jom!;)

DrSam said...

firstly - I read your entry until the end...I confess!

Secondly - meEn same feeling here...aiseh girl thingy..:) you write some boys thing mate!

@xiM said...

u know wut, i read this entry twice..actually i did watched this movie last week,and it really makes me thinking about a lot of thing..

nice movie,Indeed!!

CAHAYA said...

Sis Maria,

I wish I can find the Mr Right that you're talking about. It's already high-time la kak. :P

Thanks. Have a nice day.



Guys pun boleh komen juga. :P

CAHAYA said...


Thanks. You have to read the signs. Men always sending various kinds of signs. You just have to know how to analyze and implement in your judgment. :P

Maybe it's a joke. But how about if you do things differently. Try to be serious next time. LOL.



Sorry to tell you. But you got it alright. :P

Do take care, gurl. Balik KL bagitau la.

CAHAYA said...


Jom jom. Akak rasa nak tengok lagi sekali. :P



I want to read both. Tell me how's the book after you read it, okay?

Reality hurts if it doesn't fall into our directions. If everyone get their happy ending, I won't think there's even a war in this world.

Life's precious. Love is precious too. We can think or have a thought about it. Just not to much. :)

**I'm so jealous. Haha.

CAHAYA said...


Thanks for read it. :)

Best eh Fast and Furious? Maybe I'll settle down dgn DVD je kot. :P

It's a MUST watch movie. :)



Welcome. Go and analyze your relationship at the nearest cineplex. :P

CAHAYA said...


Thanks miezi. :)



I hope it's that easy. I hope that 'the one' is right in front of my nose. But, I can see anyone here. I don't meant literally. It's no one. Physically. Haha. :P

CAHAYA said...

cik siti penguin,

Too bad my childhood was full with dreams, fantasy and fairy tales. It somehow made me believe that I live in one. I need to wake up.

Welcome to reality, Cahaya!

p/s: I won't. You can count on me. :P



Happy Birthday Babe!
We didn't really had 'sushi' just now. :) Haha.

CAHAYA said...


Woa! What a confession. Thanks DrSam. :)

It's a girl thing but it applies to unisex. :P



Haha. Thanks Axim. Twice? May I know why? Sorry for my bad English. I just wrote it from my heart. Includes all the grammatical errors.

What did you've think about? Care to share?

Yes, nice! Lelaki okay ke?

Wahidah said...

ne yg kena p tgk ne..mcm best jer..hehehe

CAHAYA said...

Memang sangat best. Sila ke panggung berhampiran yer Cayang. :P

en_me said...

beautiful girl needs love too.. kan kannns

13may said...

nak ajak sapa pi tengok nih??? hehhe hehhe

Faisal Admar said...

hmm. i haven't watched this but i want to. maybe next week, will see how my life schedule works. its month of tax payer and we are busy like hell, despite everyday routine!

for a guy who got so many choices... life never easy too. sometimes you will just wish that you have some space and freedom rather than run here and there hiding from a girl to another just because you got few girls in the pocket.

its hard to tell that the guy is not into you... but obviously he is not into ONLY you. that's it.

i'm talking on behalf of my friend ok? :P

Inah said...

i just loved this movie and alex is my fav :)

glad u enjoyed it dear :)

haritz said...

kekadang layan gak citer camni

CATZ said...


i read this entry..twice...till end.
hehehhe..nice entry..and i like it..
mmg plan nak tgk but still have no time..lepas tuh tak de kawan tgk sorang-sorang kot next week..mmg nakkkk sgt tgk.
hem..u rite...
kalau 'dia' nak call..dia akan call..
sennang my opinion, lelaki ni kalau suka...SANGAT JELAS..dan kalau tak suka pun sgt jelas...takdenya istilah no terhilang terdelete lah..or any thousands reason,,
kalau suka tu..on the way balik pun dia dah sms...hhahahhaa..(mcm experience pulak..hehhe).
tapi isyaratnya sgt jelas...
so just move on..dont catz..itu semua kalau dia bukan jodoh kita..akan ada yg lain nanti..cuma belum jumpa kot..
tapi takpe..dlm hidup ni banyak lagi benda lain yg boleh difikirkan and make it fun...
:). be happy ya!

TuN TeJa said...

hi sis...hee..teja bca smpai habis..hermm..mmg ni la jadi kat kbnyakan pmpuan..n..teja kalo jadi cmni, teja mls nk fkir bnyk. lantak dia la..haha..banyak bnda lagi nk kna fkir..

apapun, ceta ni cm best..CD dia da kuar ke?msti la x nk g tgk wyg..

TuN TeJa said...

owh ya..sila2 ke sini...heee...anda telah di tag...

CAHAYA said...


beautiful girl je ke yang need love? orang macam Cahaya ni tak perlu ke?



ajak Cahaya lagi sekali pun boleh. Tapi rasanya lelaki tak suka cerita2 macam ni.

CAHAYA said...

Faisal Admar,

Hehe. Are you sure you telling me this on behalf of a friend of yours? Haha. :) I doubt it.

I don't know whether guys will like this movie or not. I don't like a male writer's review from The Star dated yesterday. It was so biased and overrated!

Maybe your story was exception. I'm 110% percent sure that the probability doesn't includes me.

p/s: Is there even one for me?



Yeah! I love it. I like Gigi. :)

CAHAYA said...


layan eh? nanti insult plak lelaki2 dengan movie ni. hehe. :)



Thanks for read it Catz. :) Tgk sorang2 ke? Jom pegi sekali. Cahaya tak kesah tgk dua kali. hehe.

Yep. Sign dia sangat jelas. Tak perlukan kepakaran untuk 'membaca' sign2 ini. Cuma perlu alert dan jangan letak hope terlalu tinggi je. Bila hope dah tinggi, kita akan ter'miss' sign2 tu. Which kadang2 so obvious.

Cahaya dah malas nak fikir. Tapi kadang2 terfikir juga bila sorang2. Hehe. :)

Have a nice day Catz. Thanks so much.

CAHAYA said...


Betul. Tinggalkan dan jangan fikir. Tenang sikit rasanya.

p/s: DVD cetak rompak ada kot. :P Teja kan x suka tgk wayang. Hehe.

p/s 2: kene tag ke? InsyaAllah. :)

CATZ said...


i watched the movie yesterday. alone. mmg buat saya berfikir banyak perkara.


Faisal Admar said...

i've watched it.
i like the ending for jeniffer and ben.
very sweet.

i hope it happen to me someday too... just that it happening otherwise now

CAHAYA said...


Mesti kamu pun berfikir banyak perkara macam Cahaya. :)


Faisal Admar,

I like when Ben proposed!

"At least check the pockets for valuables before you throw 'em out!"

And he's on his knee. Schweeet!

Which one happening? The one about Jen and Ben ke?

Josette said...

I spent 10 bucks for this movie on Sunday - could have gotten the ticket for RM6 if I went to watch it on a weekday (one of the perks of being a student).

Erm, I can't say that I liked the movie...Jennifer Aniston's role was quite boring. Connelly's and Barrymore's roles were even more dull.

But Connelly (Janine)'s character was quite a crazy and obsessive one. She just kept on harping on her husband's supposedly smoking habits when he's actually sleeping with another woman! Anyway, I like her ending when she asked for a divorce. Did you see how she got so mad and starting breaking things??

I also didn't believe that Alex actually liked Gigi all this while without realizing it. At the party, he was quite irritated with her but after she confronted him about him, his feelings for her changed so fast? Pretty confusing.

I give the movie a B-. :(

CAHAYA said...

10 bucks? Omg! That's a lot. Me and my girlfriends will only spend the cheapest movie ticket to this kinda chick flick. :) Pity you.

The book itself was based on one episode in The Sex and the City TV shows. So as you know, the series wasn't really cater for a young women. Maybe slightly older than me. The one that we called really need to be in a relationship or can I just say, desperate!

As in the movie, Gigi was freak out because she still don't have a BF at that time. She became relationship conscious. She kinda desperate to be in one. About Alex, men are just like that. They didn't notice something in front of their eyes. They like to chase for something which is not in front of them. Maybe they just like to aim higher. After losing it, they kinda realize, he was chasing for something that's in front of his eyes all this while. So, that's explain the mushy2 part at the end.

Jennifer's role maybe boring. Maybe that what a person who be too long in a relationship does. They just want to tie the not and make it official.

Janine's obsession is like Charlotte in Sex and the City sequel. Sometimes, women are just like that (not me!). They like to picking up on things and will make people confess over something. Either they do or don't do it.

Maybe when you're older, you'll understand why each of the character act like what they did in the movie. It's really happening. Not only in US. Haha. :P

Have a nice day Josette!