Sunday, April 12, 2009


@ Mak's house and the after party at Tony Roma, Cineleisure Damansara.

22/3/2009 - My little brother, Luqman turned 15 on this date.

You're way way taller than the rest of us for a while now. Wish you many more years to come and make good decision in life. I'm sorry if sometimes I'm being an absent sister to you. I'm sorry if sometimes I broke your heart with my unfulfil promises. But you're one good boy and never really take it to your heart. You're the only one that can make Mak stop crying. And me too. I always love you and really hope that you can hang on a little bit more with our family 'challenges'. Pity that you've to go through with all this nonsense. Wish you a merry birthday and Good Luck on your PMR too baby. :)

29/3/2009 - It was my Mum's birthday. Her 57th birthday.

I wonder how you do things the way you do. I wonder how you manage to look so good at your age. I wonder how you've been so calm whenever our 'ship' almost turns into two. And I've come to a conclusion. It's simply because you're one in a million. Simply special and different from the rest. You're simply the best, for what you've given others, for how you've treated and helped others, for all the love and care you've given especially to us. You truly deserve the best in everything. Too bad 'he' can see all this in you Mak. But why bother what 'he' can see in you. We're always here to give you all the TLC you need. I know it isn't easy but InsyaAllah we'll get through this together. Thanks for giving birth to me 28 years ago. Thanks for taking care and showered me with all your motherly love. Thanks for giving me solid roots and strong wings which when I fly, you felt confident and rest assured. Thank you Mak for all the love you shared, the care you showed and given to all of us. I love you so much Mak and have a blessed 57th birthday. :)

Intan in purple

8/4/2009 - Intan's 28th Birthday

A good friend, a very good friend of mine, Intan, celebrates her 28th Birthday on this date. We went to Chilli's @ One Utama for usual ritual dinner of the month. Wish you a very happy birthday and many years to come. Thanks for being my BFF (nak jugak guna term ni, boleh?) and such lovely company for almost 10 years now (wah, lamanya!).

Next week, 16th April, is Juita's birthday. Ju, nak celebrate mane ni? TGI nak tak? I wanna see you standing on the chair in the restaurant full of people. Not to forget, we will get free brownies too. :P Jom jom.

p/s: Luckily my birthday dah lepas. Haha.


genial said...

hi there :)
greetings from Jakarta Indonesia
have a gorgeous weekend to you :)

en_me said...

hepi besday everybody uooolss..

Inah said...

woww..lots of birthdays ;)

u know what..the most touching paragraph is the one for ur mum..really sweet..hope she will read this post :)

Faisal Admar said...

the way you edit your picture is absolutely fantastic! like it :)

this post is the sweetest post in your blog i think. especially the 1st two... it makes me think that family is always the priority and the best after all :)

when we are in love, we are tend to forget about all these and put the wrong priority at the 1st place.

mom is always the best... and she will do anything to make the kid happy.

nothing can defeat mom... forever!

Faisal Admar said...

btw, send my regards to your bro and mom... belated birthday to them ya

Adry said...

Hi... I love birthdays.... hehehe.. nyum nyum

Adry @

cik siti penguin said...

happy birthday to all of them!
*p/s; my mum amazes me too ^^

TiNiE said...

happy birthday olls!!! yg penting kek n foodies itu sumer adalah nyum nyum..nak sket...!!

Wahidah said...

wah smpai bufday with family yea..besh2...happy bufday to ur bro and mak..:)

[S]itie [B]Um [B]Um said...

epi bday sume!!

m e E n said...

hepi besday~

al-hussaini said...

ceria sangat tengok semua gambar-gambar tu...

happy besday to Luqman, Bonda and Intan...

semoga senantiasa bahagia selalu di samping insan yang selalu membahagiakan..

Anonymous said...

kak,besdy sy pun nak dekat da ni..hehehe

izan said...


semoga ibu dan adik cahaya berada dalam keadaan sihat walafiat, gembira dan ceria, dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki.

HEMY said...

epi belated bday utk semua..

semoga dirahmati ALlah hendaknya

Anak Pendang Sekeluarga said...

"Dan orang-orang yang beriman dan berhijrah serta berjihad pada jalan Allah (untuk membela Islam) dan orang-orang (Ansar) yang memberi tempat kediaman dan pertolongan (kepada orang-orang Islam yang berhijrah itu), merekalah orang-orang yang beriman dengan sebenar-benarnya. Mereka beroleh keampunan dan limpah kurnia yang mulia." (Al-Anfaal 8:74)

Salam ziarah dari saya,,blog yang menarik ,jemput muzakarah di blog saya....dan jadikan blog saya sebagai rakan anda..tq

Jard The Great said...

eh cahaya.. camner ko edit gmbr2 camtuh?? cun ar aku tinguk..

zara said...

Wishing belated birthdays to your Bro + Mum + Friend .. may their life will be blessed by HIM and many happy returns..

Dj Epoi said...

Happy Belated Birthday....buat yang Menyambutnya......sorry Lambat...
Baru jer landing kat Malaysia...hehehehehe

Salam.........Jom redah blog Gua ada OLE-Ole dari Bandung.....mana tau ada rezki Lu & kawan2 dari BLOG nih

DrSam said...

Glad that you have great and lovely people around you, who cherish and enjoy wonderful moment together.

amirul said...

Happy belated birthday to all of them... all the best!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday espcially to Mak. My 'baby' birthday on 29th March.We also celebrate at Tony Roma....My love to your mak...

Anonymous said...

It was my birthday yesterday!! I am 25 years old with 27 years of experience!!!'s that?

CAHAYA said...


greetings to you. i had a very forgetful weekend. how about that?



thanks so much. thanks thanks thanks.

CAHAYA said...


yeah! kinda give me hole in the pocket too. haha. :P

i wrote this on the birthday card we(my siblings and me) gave her. she burst into tears.


Faisal Admar,

Glad you like it. I'm kinda addicted to this digital scrapbooking actually. Cute kan?

Family will always be my priority. Sometimes, I tend to forget about it. I'm too busy with work and friends. The 'challenges' we have right make me realize that we have to be together so we don't fall apart bad. We will fall, just not as bad if we do it alone. Pray for us, will ya'?

We tend to forget everything when we're in love. We become stupid and make ridiculous judgments.

I love my mum, Faisal. She will always be my love, my best, my very best. :)

Yeah! Nothing can beat their love.

p/s: Thanks for the wishes.

CAHAYA said...


Thanks. Thanks sebab singgah.


cik siti penguin,

thanks cik siti. yeah! mums amazing amaze us. :P

CAHAYA said...


thanks tinie. Yep, sangat sedap! :P



thanks. thanks. thanks.

CAHAYA said...

sitie bum bum,

:) tq.



thanks meen! when urs?

CAHAYA said...


ceria eh? memang pun. :P

thanks for the wishes. Cahaya akan sampaikan pada mereka2 yang berkenaan. :)



ye ke? bila tu? jom celebrate!

CAHAYA said...

kak izan,

Alhamdulillah mereka sihat. Thanks kak izan. :P



thanks thanks thanks hemy. :)

CAHAYA said...

Anak Pendang Sekeluarga,

InsyaAllah akan ke sana. Thanks.



chomel kan? ko try google online digital scrapbooking. :P

CAHAYA said...


thanks zara. :)


dj epoi,

thanks dj epoi. wah, dah landing. mintak2 la ada ole2 utk aku kan kan.

CAHAYA said...


Yeah! Great people, great company, great mind and lotsa love. :P



salam. thanks bro. :P

CAHAYA said...


1st, Happy 52nd birthday. I did wish you on FB. :P Wish you many happy returns.

Tony Roma as well? Maybe I just missed you while busy celebrating.

It's nice the way you see your age. I do agree on that! :P

mummysyafie said...

happy birthday semua..

laling..awak kena tag taw. kalau rajin buat lah iyer

haritz said...

SeLaMaT HaRi JaDi

CAHAYA said...


thanks Sis. insyaAllah akan sampaikan pada mereka yang berkenaan. :P

p/s: berkenaan tag tu, thanks dan insyaAllah akan kotakan. :P



thanks haritz! :)

mangosteenskin said...

post yg sweet...

hm...entry yg makes me think of my mom.

CAHAYA said...

thanks mangosteenskin. :) I think of my mum too right now.