Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I hope I won free tickets to this show.
Thanks in advance Luffy!
(Click on the picture, you'll know what I'm talking about)

Have you ever feel haunted by your past? Either it is caused by you or someone else. It haunts you all this while and you'll do anything in the world to free from those nightmares.

Do you know how it feels when you're free from those things?

I know how it feels. It feels free. I feel FREE. I feel LIBERATED at the same time. And the best part, I did nothing to achieve it. It's called KARMA. What you give, you'll get back. Or the more familiar saying; what goes around, comes around.


p/s: Now that we're even. So get lost!


cik siti penguin said...

couldn't add you on FB :(
*i know the feeling. it's great. :)

CAHAYA said...

really? what's your email babe? or your screen name? I'll try add you plak. :P

HEMY said...

hmmm...mee tooo..i think..ekekeke

angels n demons...I've still remember how the story goes...I read the novel

CAHAYA said...

Not yet read it. Will read it soon before I watch it. If I get those tickets from Luffy la kan. :P

DrSam said...

When all the creatures fall asleep, you are still wide awake, by the phone. No wonder you comfort bed keep haunting you!

Suka Bebel said...

dah lama tak nonton wayang, sejak wife pregnant ni memang susah nak nonton.hehe...dah banyak movie best yang missed dan tak sempan lagi carik vcd atau dvd murahan.hehe

tom hanks?mesti best ni.mamat ni blakon cerita apa pun mesti best.paling suka cerita dia terkandas kat airport sebab takde visa tu, tak ingat citer apa.memang superb.hehe

Fly said...

Feveret actor tu, mesti best

ixora said...

nak ikot!!!!...

huahuahua...sket2 nk ngekor akk je..sori..mintak ampun tuan umah...larik!!!...


izan said...


alamak... tom hanks lar....!!!!!

CAHAYA said...


I had a good night sleep last few days. And I'm looking forward for it every night too.

Exercise really can make one sleep like a baby! :P

p/s: Terbayang tea yang sedap tu. :P



Ha. I like that movie tu. The Terminal tajuk dia. Best kan?

Looking forward for this one too after The Da Vinci Code. :P

CAHAYA said...


Me too!



Itulah. Nak ikut je. Tapi tak jugak ikut2. Hehe. :P

Take care sis. :P

CAHAYA said...

Kak Izan,

Itu la. Tatau la best ke dak. Tapi nampak macam best. Buku dia separuh baca pun dah best. Hehe.

en_me said...

macam citer da vinci code..

CAHAYA said...

ye ke? sama?

MariaFaizal said...

So far not in a horrible way (the past haunting me :)

But,i do look fwd to watching this movie!

Cheers dik.

Jard The Great said...

planning to watch a muvi this saturday.. yeah!

cahaya bulan said...

BEST ker citer nih CAhaya.. Moonlightpun ingat nak g tngok..:)

Wahidah said...

best ke citer ne???? selamabt berhujung minggu

CAHAYA said...

Sis Maria,

Kewl! The past was passed. Alhamdulillah. Freedom!

Cheers kak! Have fun watching the movie. :P



Err, the preview is next week. For sure it is still not in list yet. Haha. It seems like you don't read the post, kan? Haha.

CAHAYA said...


Best tu, ntahlah. I'm about to watch it. Kalau best nanti Cahaya recommend la. Kalau tak, takyah la tengok. Haha. Ops! :P



Tatau lagi. Kalau best nanti Cahaya bagitau.

Have a great weekend yer Wahidah! I'll enjoy mine for sure.