Thursday, May 14, 2009

Angels & Demons : The Review.

As I've mentioned earlier, I won the ticket from Luffy to watch Angels & Demons 2-days prior the grand screening. So, I went to watch it last night with Mr Tapa @ Cineleisure Damansara. Thanks Luffy, thanks Adverlets for the screening and for the Krispy Kreme's donuts.

So, here's the review. Not a full review, just a very brief one on how it goes. It will kills the thrills to whoever wanna watch it later, right?

I've read the book. Half. I don't wanna finish it because I don't wanna know the ending. And as usual, the book always better than the motion picture. I'm not saying that the movie is no good. But, I expect something more or less the book. Dan Brown is a really good writer. My imagination went wild with his writings. I can't put down the book when I start reading it. And FYI, he is also the author of The Da Vinci Code. I love the Da Vinci Code, both, motion and the book.

For those who have watched The Da Vinci Code, this Angels & Demons is said to be a prequel of the movie. The nature of the movie is more or like the same as the Da Vinci Code, where Professor Robert Langdon (played by Tom Hanks) solving the case guided by symbols and signs.

If in Da Vinci Code, they were focusing on searching the blood line of Jesus and Mariam using mostly Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings. In Angels & Demons, the symbols and signs were from Bernini's statues in Vatican's churches to save Vatican from destruction.

The 'treasure-hunt' like nature, with the deadline and all, made the movie very exciting to watch. The soundtracks quite cool too. I should sit in the middle. But the back seat was not bad too. My company and me kinda enjoying it. Not too hot, nor cold.

There was also dramas to add the gaps in the movie. Most dramas were about the selection of the new pope after the present been murdered. I like how they twist the ending. I didn't expect that. I thought the bad guy was someone else. Haha. I've conned!

Overall, it was historically entertaining. I'm not a fan of History subject in my school days. And I do hope Malaysian History can be teach with movie. It's kinda exciting to watch how 'this-and-that' became what we have now.

Now, I wish for Rome. I really wanna go to Rome.


Dosz said...

sounds interesting. so would you recommend me to go for the movie? does it worth it? or dvd pirate sounds better?

Anonymous said...

wah.. bestnye donut. huhuhu.. this movie, is it better than da vinci code?

Ad Rifza said...

Sejarah mengajar kita menjadi lebih dewasa..hehe..mcm lirik lagu plak..

tchersally said...

Ermmm..sis..should i watch it??..

Sherita Aziz said...

aaaaaaaaaaaa... tak sabar nak tgk citer tuh.. and yes, Rome is beautiful and breathtaking... he he he!

MariaFaizal said...

"Before I Was A Mom"
-Managed to catch most Tom Hank's movies, though I had to watch them alone.

Hubby said "Kita tunggu cerita tu dah lama sikit,DVD pirated dah okay Quality nya,then kita tengok,kay?


al-hussaini said...

maok ngga juak..hujung minggu tok lah...
tengok sekali, rasa2 boleh terus faham x? Coz da vinci code ngga 2 kali baru faham benar...

Jard The Great said...

kalo gi rome.. nak ikut.. ehehe..

M.K is Tun Mamat said...

lets go to rome watching final champion league...

CAHAYA said...


Movie like this not suitable to watch over pirated CD. You'll missed the excitement if you watch it at home. So, I recommend this movie to be seen only at cinema. :)



Donut tu memang best. Walaupun hanya Krispy Kreme yang basic. Hehe.

I love both. Recommended!

CAHAYA said...

Ad Rifza,

Haha. Tu la Ad. Terus Cahaya rasa nak karaoke plak.

Ju, Intan, jom karaoke this week!



Hmm. Let me think. For entertainment, boleh kot!

p/s: Sorry, I'm a bad suggester.

CAHAYA said...

Sherita Aziz,

Tak sabar eh? Today dah at cinema worldwide dah. :)

You went to Rome kan, last time?


Sis Maria,

Hehe. Takpe, this Tom Hanks movie was okay. But not really a must see! :P

CAHAYA said...


Yang ini less complicated than the Da Vinci Code. But I love Da Vinci Code. :P



Jom! I'm thinking of going next year. Jom kumpul duit. :P

p/s: Alahai, next year mcm nak pegi Korea.

CAHAYA said...

M.K is Tun Mamat,

If you wanna go. Let me know. I can do some company. :P

joegrimjow said...

mmg besh pon cite tu
xtengok jew ag

TiNiE said...

wayang free lagi...
tinie jer tah sebila leh p tgk wayang huhuhu...

dukunlintah plk said...

mesti tonton.. dah baca digital fotress by the same author?.. 5 thumbs up :)

CAHAYA said...


Pegi la tgk. Baru tahu best ke tak. Hehe. :P



Mesti boleh punya. Ajak la hubby dating. :)

CAHAYA said...


5thumbs up? Seriously? Harus baca ni. Hehe. Enjoy your 'Angels & Demons' motion yer. :)

Dj Epoi said...


Bila la...nak ada masa lagi untuk nak gi layanzzzzz wayang ni...?

Terima Kasih diatas Komen Semangat Dik......
Tq Banyak2.............

Monkey D Luffy said...


good review

teringin plak nak tgk

tapi aku blm tgk da vinci code ;(

CAHAYA said...

Dj Epoi,

Takyah tgk wayang. Utamakan apa yang perlu. I'll sure will pray from my side for Afiq's health.

Harap kamu sekeluarga tabah. :)



Good? Thanks. :P
Jom tgk. Eh, I dah tgk, lupa plak.

Da Vinci Code tak tgk pun takpe, bukan ada kena mengena pun. :)

Ju-Jue On the Line said...

let's intan nak balik kg

HEMY said...

susah dia nk maintain best cerita yg satu novel pada 2 jam movie..ehehe..

tp aku maleh nk tgok sbb dh baca novel..ekekeke

Faisal Admar said...

i'm goin to watch this but haven't decided when. ah miss the popcorn and kissing moment in the cinema lol.

i thought its a different kind of movie even though its the same writer. but its alright... i can still chew it.

i bet tom hanks is the right choice.

iNsOmNiAc said...

ooh... i lurrrve rome ;) it's like the most romantic place on earth! *swooning* haih...

p/s: point taken, will watch the movie a.s.a.p ;)

CAHAYA said...


Next week aku off Friday and Saturday. Kita pegi Saturday next week. :P

p/s: Intan kata ko sangat gian sampai nak gi karaoke jamban pun x kesah. Btol ke?



Bila dah baca buku, you dah tahu ending. So you won't enjoy the thrill towards the end so much.

But boleh je nak tgk pun you. At least you see it in motion.

CAHAYA said...

Faisal Admar,

Yep, Tom Hanks is definitely the right choice.

Lebih kurang je dgn yang first one. Yesterday news said it will be the sequel of the Da Vinci Code, even Angels & Demons was written earlier.

In the few 1st pages of the Angels & Demons said it was prequel of the Da Vinci Code. I don't know which is which. Whatever it is, both was unrelated. But the nature was the same.

Enjoy your movie! :)



Really? Romantic? Auwhhh. I wish I can go to Rome one of these days.

Hopefully next year. Yeay!

izan said...


hihi... nak tumpang ikut tengok leh..:D

Wahidah said...

nk pi rome ke..wah bestnyaa..:)

CAHAYA said...

Kak Izan,

Dah tgk dah ari tu. :P



Itulah. Nak pegi sangat2 ni. Bila la boleh pergi.

zamspotte said...

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Neway, the angels and demons... what is the interesting title...

CAHAYA said...

Thanks. Will add you later. InsyaAllah.

Anonymous said...

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