Monday, June 8, 2009


"A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free" - quoted

Last week kinda tough on me. Physically, mentally and emotionally. It was ended with a very bright smile on my face, I would say. I had an extravagant weekend. It was too much to handle, but I managed. Tired, and it was fun! Alhamdulillah.

My emotion was not in a very proud state last week. I've tried not to loose my temper over something stupid, which I always did. I'm a very straightforward person, where I will give straightforward answer regardless what the other party will feel. But this only applicable to work related thingy. I bet honesty is the best policy, right?

The week ended with a smile with a trip to lost world of Parit Buntar. We got lost! And we end-up at police station as our last resort to find the way to my ex-colleague's wedding. But finally it was worth it.

Yes, police station! Officer was very helpful. Thanks Bapak Polisi.

After 1hour plus of going back and forth to only God knows what direction, we're finally arrived. The catch up between the old friends was kinda sweet. I missed the moment where we sat together at TTDI pasar after long-hour of stressful condition and mocking our customers.

The king and queen of the day!

The completion of the Madness for the week!

I used not to like working on Sunday. It made me feels like working during Hari Raya. Empty and sad. But these bunch made me laugh every chances they get. What a bless! Grateful.

p/s: I have a job interview tomorrow. The pay, twice my current salary. Should I go for it? **Sigh



Ni saya nak ajak join STEVICO, lihat dan bacalah dulu, kut=kut berminat? jomlah>>>>>>

en_me said...

go jer for interview tewww.. duit bukanlahh segalanye, tapi segala2nyer nak pakai duit ghiteww.. ahaks

CAHAYA said...


Huh? Tgklah! Takde duit.



Memang pergi. Tapi kena start 22/6. Sanggup ke tak ni? Huhu.

Duit memang bukan segalanya. Tapi hutang keliling pinggang perlu bayar pakai duit. Hehe.

Fly said...

Good luck for the interview..

Inah said...

good luck for the interview..making a decision is the hardest part in life..we never know the consequence..but don't regret with ur fate :) said...

job interview. go for it grlll ;D

Dj Epoi said...


Sedondon Baju Pengantin ngn U dik!!!!!

Rasanya dah tak lama lagi dah tuh !!! hehehehehehehehhe.....

Ishh...Ishhhhhh Bukan main RAYA korang eik...bila kerja hari Ahad.....nasib baik korang tak pasang lampu pusig2 atas kepala hehehehee

Luth Textile said...


CAHAYA said...


Thanks a bunch!



Yeah! I'm so afraid to move on. But sometimes, perasaan nak pindah tu meronta2. I'll see what they offer tomorrow. So far I just heard by telephone. :)

Consequences are ours to decide. If we want it to be A, we have to work for it to be A. If else, just forget about it.


CAHAYA said...,

Yeah! Hopefully this is what I search for all this while. :) Thanks!


Dj Epoi,

Sedondon kan? Tak plan pun. Belasah je. :P

Tak lama lagi? Mintak2 masin la mulut bro. Saya memang dah sangat gatal nak kawen ni. Haha. **kidding.

Tu la, hari Ahad kat ofis dah macam raya. Makanan toksah cerita la. Dah macam kenduri je tiap2 minggu.

Kalau dpt kerja baru, mesti tinggal diorang ni. Huhu. Sedihnya.

CAHAYA said...


Takde la macam2 sangat.

tchersally said...


u know what?????..d wedding u went to tu,Shikin and Din kan?? laaaaa..small world gilos!!! did u see November there?? Shikin is her best frieand..Shikin duduk rumah November la sebelum nih..and..Parit Buntar tu my home town!!!!!!!!

November said...

hey..what a small world, rite? sorry didnt get the time to have a chat the other day. and sorry for not recognizing u at the kenduri as well (i was not wearing my spec, so cant really see :P)

p/s: shikin is my BFF, thats why i was there..

Nite Garden said...

I dah biasa keje on Sunday :)

Good luck for the interview..

Jard The Great said...

u shud!!! eh... but u'll miss your colleagues... huhu...

good luck for the interview!

HEMY said...

TTDI pasar after mocking customer??U were a streamyx csr before??

Wahidah said...

i pun pernah sesat time p kenduri kawen n ended up pi balai polis tnya...yg kelakarnya polis pun tk tahu dat address sbb address tu slh...hahahaha...

CAHAYA said...


Yes! Din is my ex-colleague back then. I perasan gak November time tu. But takut salah orang. Tapi tegur je la pas tu. :)



Yeah! What a small world. :) I takut salah orang since I don't know your real name. It's okay, we can always catch up some other time.

CAHAYA said...

Nite Garden,

This last few months I've been working on Sunday. But seriously rasa sangat 'Hari Raya'. :P

Thanks thanks thanks.



Yeah! I should go. I'll see what they have to offer. And if it worth it, I guess they will understand. :)

Thanks gal!

CAHAYA said...


Yep, streamyx level 2. :P



That's why! Luckily polis tu tahu address. But my friend tu kat umah lain. Dan kitorang tak tahu pun address dia kat mana. Cuma berpandukan arah dr phone je. Huhu.

MariaFaizal said...

Owh dear what a weekend.But it's a beautiful wedding & day for you guys, yea? :D

Pleasant workplace you have there too!

And go for it! Twice current wages? Go for it girl! Congratulations in advance :D

arep said...

yes .. go for the interview.. insyallah dapat job tu. best tu 2x ganda..

CAHAYA said...

Maria Faizal,

Yeah! What a weekend. Satisfied, I would say. The wedding was beautiful even we didn't get the chance to see the whole ceremony because of few obstacle on the way.

It is very pleasant workplace. We can even switch off all the lights so we can sleep better. :P But it is only applicable during Sunday and Public Holiday.

Yeah, Twice! I updated my resume and get called 2 hours later. I wanna check it out today. See if its worth it.

Congrats? Not so fast dear.



InsyaAllah. Kalau ada rezeki. Doa2kan lah. :)

suezensuzanna said...

working like hari sad

CAHAYA said...

Normally Raya akan cuti. Tapi tak pernah pun kerja time Raya. Raya Cina ada lah. :P

DrSam said...

the way you presented the photo, it looked as if you are in a TV/radio studio. Cool workplace!

How was the interview? Wish you all the best.

yOnnA said...

sekarang ni mmg trend kan? baju pengantin tu diorg match kan 2 kaler? hehee

Nem0 o0h Nem0 said...

camne ngn intvw??

cantik thema tu,

izan said...


fuuuu... model-2 yang beraksi leh thn... hihi..

camane ngan interview.... moga berjaya

Suka Bebel said...

wah, sesat sampai tanya kat balai pulis?hehe...aku biasa gak bab sesat ni dulu tapi takde sampai ke balai. skang ni dah susah nak sesat sebab dah pandai guna gugel map tu.nak pegi mana mana gugel dulu and ask for direction, sangat mudah dan menjimatkan masa.hehe

CAHAYA said...


Haha. We actually wish for that. And the madness of Sunday is likely a ritual thingy right now. It's so hard to resist a camera right now. Haha.

My interview went well. As a matter of fact, it was excellent with a capital E on it. But, I guess I have to pass.

CAHAYA said...


Aah, trend gabung2 kaler. Blue and Pink, kawaii!!!



Interview Alhamdulillah sangat okay. Tapi macam perlu turn down je offer itu.

CAHAYA said...

Kak Izan,

Nak jadi model betul macam takkan jadi kenyataan je. But model office pun jadi lah.

Interview okay kak. Saya yang tak okay. Hehe.



GoogleMap eh? Biasanya memang macam tu. Tapi ini bidan terjun punya cerita. Pegi orang kawen sampai 4 kereta, kad cuma 1 je. :P

Muhammad said...


cmne ko bleh sesat kt Parit Buntar tu..pekan tu bkn nyer besar sgt ko guna ayat "lost world" tu kelakar la..hahahah

anyway, thanks for u guys sbb dh sempurnakan majlis aku..


CAHAYA said...


Macam mana sesat tu aku no komen. Tapi orang yg kitorang telefon bagi arah jalan umah wife ko. Yang kitorang tgk map dalam kad kawen. Mane tak dingdong lost bagai.

Paling best bila kitorang masuk balai polis. Ben dah tak sanggup nak pusing2. Tapi takpe, kalau next time sesapa kawen kat Parit Buntar kitorang sure boleh jadi tour guide. Haha.

Thanks Din sebab melayan karenah kitorang. Congrats untuk korang again. :)

Cikinto Marcello said...


thanks a lot coz dtg kenduri aritu!it was a superb & memorable mini reunion for me.i used to read your blog before and tak sangka yg u ni ofismate din.i know yg u guys mmg close masa kat vads,tp kt xpenah jmper kan..thanks again k..hope pehni bley jmpe lagi..mana tau ada reunion bloggers ke :)

wishing u all the best!


CAHAYA said...


I'm so glad that we're included in the mini reunion as well. It has been a while since we all have our chit chats and your wedding just complete us, as the whole gang.

Hopefully we can meet again. Yeah! Bloggers gathering sounds fun!

Wish you well, both of you. Send my regards to Din. :)

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