Sunday, June 14, 2009

Completely Extremely Exhausted.

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Exhausting. Feeling Exhausted. So, I took advices from some people (including some of you) to take a time off from work to figure things out. I made the full used of my 4 days off (MC, off day, off day, AL). What a bless!

I went for the interview I've mentioned in the previous post. I even shortlisted for the next round. But it's totally not worth it. I guess I might stay a little while longer in my current job.

Enough said about the interview.

I've spent most of my days and nights in bed. I cut myself out from the outside world (including, telephone and my family) and fully utilized the time off; resting and cuddling in my silk-bedding.

I watched lots of J-Drama series and cried every chances I got. It was very exhausting to cry over stupid drama series. But it made me forgot whatever things that have been hanging in my mind completely. I'm fully 'recovered', I might say. Completely!

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Last night, Ju, Intan and I went to watch 'Drag Me to Hell' at GSC@1Utama. What can I say, it was the completion of exhaust moment for the week. Movie is supposed to be fun and entertaining, right? But this is way way out of entertaining. Not even close. Not even a bit. It was torture.

The sound was too loud. Maybe this is what this movie producer/maker/director intentionally did. Scare audiences with scary voices and sounds. I'm not scared at all. I even laughed out loud over something utterly ridiculous. But the sounds made me exhausted. Even more. And depressed at the same time.

I guess Hollywood is not known best for their horror movie. The plot was not even logic. The ending will make you question why you went to watch it in the first place.

Completely horrendous (not movie wise). Completely ridiculous. Completely depressing. And complete waste of time and my RM11.50.

p/s 1: What is your favorite horror movie of all time? In terms of plotting, screenplay, or whatever.

p/s 2: And sorry for the harsh short-review of the movie.


Inah said...

for me exorcist and nightmare on elm street, shutter(Thai version) and childs play would be enough to scare me out of bed :P

i hate horror movies..maybe because i've experienced the real situation :)

happy sunday dear :)

CAHAYA said...


I like The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Plot was reliable and kinda realistic.

I'm yet to watch the Shutter. I hope it's worth the wait(still progress in downloading).

Real situation? Gosh! Really? What happen?

Happy Sunday Babe!

Dj Epoi said...

Salam ...Walaweiiiiiiii.....

Enjoy betul kau Dik arrrr......
Hope dapat kut.......!!!Kerja Baru tuh!!!!

Selamat Berhujung minggu ....dan selamat penuhkan aktiviti yg Walaweiiiiiii


TiNiE said...

giler cute itu beruang kutub..
ai likeeee...

chempaka said...

remember Rahsia Rumah Tua yg noorkumalasari berlakon dulu tu? boleh tahan seram tuu.. and also 4bia, a thailand movie. fuhhh...

haruan tasek said...

selamat mendapat kerja baru

tchersally said...

Glad u had a complete now u are fully geared for a new day eh sis? Good for you!!

CAHAYA said...

Dj Epoi,

Sangat enjoy. Kerja baru tu macam dapat je. Tapi macam nak call untuk bagitau taknak kot. Hati sangat berbelah bahagi. I don't think I'm ready for such drastic changes.

Hari Minggu dan bekerja. Harap maklum. Hehe.



Cute kan? I can't take my eyes off the beruang kutub. Sangat comel!

CAHAYA said...


I can't agree more. Cerita Rahsia tu memang scary. Applaud to them. Dari kecil sampai sekarang kot takut. Better that what we have right now.

If Thai horror flick, I love 'Nang Nak'. Scary. It's not the others that scary. Just I don't have guts to watch it. Haha.


Haruan Tasek,

Taknak kerja baru. Nak kerja lama. It's so hard to resist my current colleagues madness. :P

CAHAYA said...


Yep. Fully geared I supposed. Now I'm so energetic and pretend I have a lot of work to do. Haha.

p/s: It was so hard for me to be away with my duvet this morning. Huhu.

Faisal Admar said...

i'd agree with inah. exorcist and nightmare. for asian, i'd say sundel bolong.

old horror movies didn't need loud speaker to scare the shit out of you.

but now, they need it as they can't sell their clowns to some well educated who prefer better storyline rather than garbage.

i'd need some leave for my exhausted brain too. but for now let me keep my leave to the max. so that i'd enjoy more days instead of few days :P

Dosz said...

hmm... nevermind. just wait and download that movie jak lah :p

CAHAYA said...

Faisal Admar,

The 'Drag Me to Hell' storyline was suck. And the filming is like we were in 1988. Enough said. I'm still pissed off over yesterday. Haha.

The speaker was loud. I agree. But please, they should have some moment. Not almost every second. There was no ups and downs. Always up jek!

Yeah, I agreed on keeping the AL and make full used of it longer. But once in a while really did me good. I'm so fresh!

CAHAYA said...

I've watched it. And I won't download it. Never ever.

MariaFaizal said...

Oh dear..but it's great you have made up your mind. Happy resting and my all time fav horror movie is "Nang Nak"

I'm into Thai's horror movies :D

Monkey D Luffy said...

bestnya cuti lama2

Fly said...

hepi sunday...

November said...

Hehe me pon tgh cuti jugak ni..AL since Friday till this Tuesday! hehe musim boss suruh amik AL.

Hmm..horror movie eh? I love this movie genre too, but I couldn't find one that scares me enough. I've watched Coming Soon (Thai - not scary), I've watched Jgn Pndg Blkg, PHSM (both), Congkak, Jgn Tegur (ALL - not scary at all). What else eh?

But, I can tell you that The Shutter is quite a movie. Scary. Plus Ananda Everingham is gorgeous! He's also in another horror movie - The Coffin. Quite good too.

During my childhood years, I remember watching Halloween and Poltergeist. I think these two movies are the scariest of them all! I have been looking for Halloween (download/CD/DVD) for so long to no avail..huhu

I tell you what, if you feel like watching horror movies, look for Japanese, Indonesian, or Thai horror movies. These are mostly good. English ones are not always good (in horror movies field).

Happy vacation. ;)

November said...

I'd like to add. Try Wishing Stairs and Tale of the Two Sisters - both are Koreans.

HEMY said...

agree with you..horror movie for hollywood means a weird-face monster. They tried to improve by adopting ju-on style of ghosts..but still lack of the kick

but it's really a best thing to lying lazily on your bed during the weekend. It's one of the best way to spend your weekend

DrSam said...

Oh dear... perhaps our jeju tea drinking ceremony is about time now. Fancy another session soon dear?

CAHAYA said...

Maria Faizal,

I've done resting. :) Now, back to work and workload (if any). The beauty of my current job is I don't have to carry the workload wherever I go. I just have to pick up from where I left off. What a bless!

Good choice of horror flick. I like Nang Nak too. Thai's definitely one of the best horror film maker.

Happy Monday!

CAHAYA said...

Monkey D Luffy,

Yep! Blessed and worried free. Best sangat.

I'm looking forward for another sets of off days soon. By soon I mean in November. Huhu.



Happy Monday! Really? I'm so having a Monday blues right now.

CAHAYA said...


AL too? Cool!

Based on what I saw nowadays, Malaysian movie-maker concentrating more CGI techniques and all the computer movement which made the movie not so eye friendly. And this applied not only for horror flick but other genre as well.

We certainly can tell that there was a rope or wire being tied to the stunt-artists. And we just don't buy 'mimpi' kinda stuff anymore. Yucks!

They should do more research on what-and-how to make better horror (or other genre) movie. Enough with all unrealistic stuff.

I've watched Tale of Two Sisters. That's what I'm looking forward to Malaysian movie industries. And looking forward to watch the one you suggest too.

CAHAYA said...


Yeah! I can't agree more on the part of Hollywood weird looking ghost. And they tried to do better than all the Japanese and Koreans by adapting Japs or Koreans horror flick plot and make their own style (and version). But it was never good enough. I'd still prefer the original.

Too bad I had to work yesterday. But 4-not working days was a blessed. I have another 3-working days before off days on Friday and Saturday. I'm looking forward to it. PMI's Concert!

CAHAYA said...


I love Jeju tea. Looking forward to it. Hopefully with the full sets. It has been a while since we gather everyone. :)

izan said...


k zan suka tengok upin & ipin...hihihi... sape bwk k zan mmg rugi... sah2 k zan tup mata. eeiiii.... penakut ni...

CAHAYA said...

Kak Izan, Upin Ipin bukan cerita seram. Haha. Tapi takpe. Kak Izan tak tgk cerita seram pun kan?

Cahaya suka usik my sister untuk tgk cerita seram kat panggung. Dia sanggup jalan2 kat luar 2 jam dari sengsara 2 jam kat dalam panggung dengan kitorang. :)

Ju-Jue On the Line said...

Yahoo rating B tau...which is supposedly good enough by their standard.hahaha...anyway ok la mengisi masa lapang Sat nite. rather than stay at home watching pilih kasih...hahhahaha

CAHAYA said...


Betul gak tu. Haha. Have you watch 17Again? Nak tengok la cerita tu. Ke ko dah tgk?

CAHAYA said...

And lupa nak cakap. My colleagues pun cakap cerita 'Drag Me to Hell' tu best. Ape la. OMG, What's wrong with me?

NaD said...

cam stress gile plus plus je kak cahaye???
is everything ok???
story lor...
lame da kite tak jumpe kan??
when will i see u again??
nanyi cam dalam lagu inggeris tu...

CAHAYA said...


Agak stress la. Nasib baik jerawat tak kluar. Kalau kluar tu mau gak amik MC. Haha. Tapi Alhamdulillah, semuanya baik2 sahaja skang ni.

Bila2 pun boleh jumpa Nad, no problemo. Calling2 je la bila ada area2 Damansara. :)

Mata Karim said...

Hi, Cahaya.
Can't remember how i stumbled upon ur blog but since i'm already here, and have read bout your 'drag me to hell' experience, I just felt like giving my take on it.But before that,just so u know,you're not the only one that feels the movie is crappy. Most of my friends feel the same way.
But,i feel the need to 'point out' that the director of the movie is Sam Raimi who brought us the Evil Dead trilogy,the Gift,etc;in which in my opinion if we aren't familiar with his previous movies/work,we might not be able to 'enjoy' Drag Me To Hell.His style has always consisted of 'bagi cukup2' to the main character and a bit of 'poyoh-ness' and having all the gorry stuff included.In a way,it is nice(& 'melegakan')to see him making the kind of movies that we the fans-yes,i'm a fan..are so familiar with and so love;his cheap/low budgeted (style)horror flicks..(though this time around his budget is bigger).
On the contrary to other people's opinion,i would say that his Spiderman trilogy was the one that sucked.

CAHAYA said...

Mata Karim,

The 'cheap & low budgeted' was actually a style? Haha. Okay. Point taken. Thanks for your comment. Most of friends did like the movie. Maybe it was not bad. But, I don't think I will watch it again.