Monday, June 15, 2009

Just What the Doctor Ordered.

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I've never feel Monday this good. Everything seems to fall onto my lap so far. It's just the way I imagine it. Beautifully perfect!

And the rumors was out. Most of people knew about the 'interview' and how bad me wanting a new job. The thoughtful ones tried so hard talking me out of it. They even list the pros and cons of my action. Auwh, how sweet!

Not to forget, they're colleagues who think that I should do it long time ago, when I'm not too attach. They said I should move. Moving on to the new course. New environment and workplace. And new ME.

So that's today so far. Ops! Not yet. Breaking news.

I'm one of the candidates for promotion and increment. So, there are more reason for me to stay. Even if I don't get it, at least I've been considered for the new position. That is good enough. Alhamdulillah.

I'll focus more on my career more than anything else for the time being. It feels good not to think about all the 'mushy'ness that gave me head and hart ache.

p/s: Keep smiling. Good vibes. InsyaALLAH. **I'm smiling right now.


MariaFaizal said...

CONGRATES my dear for the promotion opportunity! You deserve it! When you're good, you know you're good (esp at work, kan? :)

Have a great day. said...

Congrats for the promotion :}

tapi kalau dpt job offer yg lebih memberangsangkan why not give it a go.

HEMY said...

I am surely know how u are feeling right now...damn I'm jealous

Faisal Admar said...

haha i got 7% increment only this year for being the best worker :P

congratulation to you too!

zamspotte said...

Congratulations sis...
Now, you must think twice before change ur work... haha, and.. maybe new position (U can deserve it, I'm sure) give U new environment and new workspace...

Good Luck for you upcoming future..

CAHAYA said...

Maria Faizal,

Haha. Thanks. Eventhough it's still under consideration, I'm still can't stop smiling over it.

I can't tell when I'm good. The awards and nominations certainly can tell. Our performances can easily be measured by how much vouchers we get every month. That is token for our hard work. And I'm proudly spent all my RM1k vouchers in Jusco last week.

Great day? I had one today. Alhamdulillah.

CAHAYA said...,

Not yet belle! But nevermind. Being one of the candidate is good enough. At least I'm on the right track.

Job offer? Yeah. Salary wise, maybe. But workload? I don't think so. This is the best job ever so far.

I'm smiling. Smiling of satisfaction.

CAHAYA said...


Haha. You've got it too last month kan? You're damn know how I feel right now. Yeay!

Don't be jealous. We should celebrate!


Faisal Admar,

7%? Wow, that's huge! You're best worker. I can tell by the your absence during the tax month. Hehe.

Congrats to you too.

CAHAYA said...


Thanks dear. I've to re-think about the new job offer. Changes is not a bad things, I know. Not to change also not the bad thing either. :)

Thanks again!

Nite Garden said...

If you are surrounded with great people at your current workplace, you will feel reluctant to accept offer for a new job doesnt matter how good it is. Perhaps new environment would give new you or u'll be meeting your prince charming there ;)

Sometimes hard to have a work life balance, rite?

en_me said...

masyukk tewww.. bagus bagus

As said...

all the best dear~

Honeydy Love said...

congrats.. :)

Monkey D Luffy said...

bagus gak

bos pun fikir nak naik gaji ko sebab nak ko stay

Wahidah said...

relax la cahaya..kiter deserve utk cuba peluang br...all da best kay

@xiM said...



CAHAYA said...

Nite Garden,

Good friends are hard to resist. I treasure friendship most. More than love'ship'. Hehe.

Prince charming? Woa! Maybe. But I believe ALLAH already made good plans for us. And I'm hang on it. InsyaALLAH ada jodoh, tak ke mana.

We need balance. But the imbalance that make us stronger. We work our way no matter how to be balance. Strive, maybe!

CAHAYA said...


Yep yep. InsyaALLAH.



Thanks so much dear. :)

CAHAYA said...


Thanks thanks thanks. Eventhough it's still unofficial.


Monkey D Luffy,

Boss jumpa dan belanja makan just nak pujuk jangan berhenti. Dah 2 hari makan free. :P

Ye la, dah 2 tahun kerja gaji tak pernah naik.

CAHAYA said...


Sangat relaks. Terutama today. :P

Peluang baru memang penting. Nak cuba tak salah. Tak nak cuba pun tak salah. Tapi kalau cuba lebih baik kot. :)



Thanks man!

DrSam said...

I am happy for you CAHAYA. Congratulation! Good things come to those who wait.

CAHAYA said...


Auwh! That's so sweet. Harapnya penantian ini berbaloi. :)

I'm looking forward for Jeju tea ceremony. That tea membuatkan orang sangat2 addicted!

dukunlintah plk said...

wah.. congrats :)

CAHAYA said...

thanks so much. it's official now! :P

mummysyafie said...

congratss cahaya...nanti leh banjer akak sekerim erkk

CAHAYA said...

boleh je kak. Cakap je bila. :)