Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Break Up.

I'm single. So this break up is not a normal break up. It's friendship. Someone dearie chose to break our 'ship' via SMS yesterday.

He said he will leave me. He said he will leave everyone. And this wasn't the first time he said it.

Even it wasn't the first time he said it, I still hurt by the SMS. I tried to ignore. I tried not to bother. But I'm human with feelings. And of course, I feel sad. I remember the day he asked again, "So, I'm your friend ke bukan?" after several quarrel we had. And only God knows how often we did that.

"Of course I'm your friend," and I will always be. No matter how many times he try to break up with me. No matter how hard he try to be away from me. I will always be here. I will always by his side. Just holler when you need me dear.

But I still think that I deserve better than just a SMS, don't you think so?'cahaya')

Bila saja halangan menimpa
Kerna cinta ada ku tetap setia
Hanya dikau dan asmara
Membuat hidupku bagai dalam syurga
Biar masa berganti masa
Biar pun musim berganti musim
Telah kukatakan padamu oh sayang
Hanya kuasa Tuhan dapat memisahkan


Honeydy in Love said...

Errmm.. I know dat msg. but i know him. He would never forget his friends. I know why he's acted like dat. Mysterious puzzles hv been revealed. :)

Orang yg jujur dan benar selalu akan dilindungi oleh Allah S.W.T. Jgn tinggal solat n sedekahkan yassin padanya, agar hatinya tenang dan dijauhi dari manusia, jin dan syaitan yang berniat tidak baik keatasnya. Sesungguhnya, dia adalah sebaik-bainya manusia. Amin.

Miss him damn much.. He knows why... :)

CAHAYA said...


Yeah! He always like that. He always send that kind of message to me. And your name and W were in it.

InsyaALLAH dia akan okay. It just the matter of time. Dia memang baik pun. I know that. :)

Honeydy Love said...


i know he will.. i know he won't forget me either. He knows why.. so much of sweet n lovely moments of being together.. happy n sad, fun and tears, good n bad..
It's a matter of what Allah will decide for me later. Because He knows better. Insyaallah, everything will be better soon.

"Jodoh telah ditentukan oleh Allah. Daku hanya boleh berusaha dgn cara yg di Redha olehNya dan tawakal.Asalkan jgn gunakan jalan yg bertentangan dgn ajaran agama islam."

"Tiada siapa yg tahu sebesar mana ikhlas sesuatu perbuatan kerana hanya Allah S.W.T yg blh menilai Keikhlasan seseorang itu"

"Persahabatan yg berlandaskan kejujuran dan kebenaran, akan kekal hingga ke akhir hayat"


Eleh.. nanti mesti dia windu kita punye.. kuikuikui..

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Cahaya, some people come into our lives and quickly go.
Some people move our souls to dance.
They awaken us to new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom.

Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon.
They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints in our hearts, and we are never ever the same.

Never be sad for what is over, just be glad it was once yours.
You have a pleasant weekend and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

As said...

As harap this thing will heal quick as possible for you and honeydy..

friends sumtimes they will say these things..kita just kena ensure to him/her that we actually are here behind him/her.

she/he will be okay inshaAllah. =)

CAHAYA said...

Salam Honey,

Honesty is the best policy. That should be 1st trait of all. No matter what 'ship' are you in. Be it loveship, relationship or friendship.

Jodoh on the other hand is already written on our 'book'. HE decides what's best for us all. Kun Fayakun, remember? If HE said it's yours, sure it will be.

Just keep your faith going on. :)

CAHAYA said...

Uncle Lee,

Yeah! People come and go as they may. It's life! But he sure leave a big footprints in my heart. :)

I'm glad to be his friend once. And I still do.

I will keep singing Uncle Lee. The same song like ever. And maybe few more songs in the future. :)

CAHAYA said...


I hope so. Time shall heal everything. I don't know for how long, but I hope he won't take so much time to heal. I just hope he'll be okay. His heart, his soul. Emotionally and physically.

We don't called it friendship if we always see things in the same direction. We quarrel. We make up. We yell at each other. Than we hug. That's what friendship do. We hold everything together. No matter what happen. No matter what trouble are you in.

He don't need reminder that I'm just two step behind him. He has HE. And I hope HE will keep him safe. Always. :)

Inah said...

hey time goes by, i think he will missed ur presence if he thinks you're important for him..

just try to let go and somehow i know that u n him will be together again * friends*

just be there for him :)

zara said...

Salam, Kin.

Oh. I. See. I think I know who ;) Well...I hope he's fine. He need some space, perhaps. Give it. He will surely come back later.

Take care!

DrSam said...

Time will heals. It is O.K if people hurt us, just make sure we don't do the same.

MariaFaizal said...

Sorry you have to go thru this ;(
Don't mean to be mean here, whoever it is(who sent the sms to u) i'd like to say "Good riddance" :P

Chill babe! You deserve better friends :)

Honeydy Love said...

relax k dear. i should feel da pain more. but just let it be. sian dia. mcm dia pula yg jht sgt.
i tksuka org buruk2kan da one dat i love.sry, no offends. jgn slhkan sesape at da moment. juz tenang n enjoy yr life kay...? i know u would.. jom karoeke...huhu..
Farra..!contract awak dgn sy hmpir tamat,hbs lah tkleh join kitaorg karoeke..spe suruh berjanji.. kuikui..

Peace No War

Dosz said...

hmmm... sorry to hear that.

CATZ said...


be strong ok...i know its really hurts u..
but life must go on..time will heals..
Tuhan nak jumpakan Cahaya dgn org yg lebih baik..
everything happens for a reason..
have a nice weekend..

haruan tasek said...

msg berpisah ke tu.... sabar ya

CAHAYA said...


I hope I'll be okay. He surely will be okay punya. Whatever it is. He's a good guy. Situation that made him like this. :)

Always here. Always be there for him. In fact I'm always here for everyone. Whenever you guys/gals need me.



Haha. I know you could guess it correctly. As time goes by, I hope he'll be okay. Like always. Kan kan?

Take care too Zara.

CAHAYA said...


I'm okay. Just the fact it was via SMS. That's all. :) Treat others the way we wanna be treated right? Got that! Thanks. :)



He's a good guy Sis. You know that kan? If I can choose my friend, I wanna him IN. :)

CAHAYA said...


I'm okay lah. You tu okay ke tak? Huhu. Yeah, I hope fellow readers don't get me wrong. He's not evil. He's a good person. I'm just not good enough to be his friend. That's all.

I don't put blame on anyone. It's the situation that made us like this. Kan?

Karaoke? Sounds fun. Hari tu keluar jalan2 kat Alamanda dengan Farah. :) Apesal tak join sekali?

HEMY said...

sometimes people could only convey this kind of feeling towards other in such way..maybe it's too hard to use words coming out from your very mouth..=p

CAHAYA said...


Lor. Thanks btw. Still. Not the issue here. I'm referring to break up using SMS. Hehe. That's all. :)


haruan tasek,

Baca message je ke? Tak patut. You have to read the whole post. :)

I nak sabar buat ape? It's okay la. I'm fine. Anyway, thanks!

CAHAYA said...


I'm okay. Just I guess I deserve more than just SMS kan? At least a phone call ke, email ke, huhu. Kidding. LOL.

Cara ucapan CATZ tu macam Cahaya kena tinggal kekasih plak. Hehe. No la. He's just my friend. Dearest friend. :) I like him so much. Until now.

Have a good weekend!

CAHAYA said...


Agreed! If I'm in his place, maybe I would do the same. Saying it directly might be more hurtful. I should be grateful he chose this method. :)

[danial][ma] said...

hej! is a journey...along the way, we will meet new people, some become friends, some become lovers, some becomes foes, as life is a journey, some will leave us behind and also when we need to move on, we will leave some behind, some will follow us along the way, some will stop some places, and we have to continue and could not along the way, some will remain in our heart, some just gone by the wind...and what we should do, keep all the memories, sweet or bitter...;-)

CAHAYA said...


hej! Yes, life is a journey. And I know this is just one phase. A lot more to come in the future. They come and go as they may. They leave us with good memories. And with him, all the good ones. :)

This is Mine said...


biarkan fikiran yang bercelaru itu tenang dengan sendiri...
makin diasak dengan soalan, makin haru-biru jadinya.....

[no wonder la asyik tersedak... ad org ckp pasal farah ye....nk kena la tue]


CAHAYA said...


Yep. In fact baru je berSMS dengan Honey tentang your new image. Hehe. Akak tak tahu pun. Jealous ni. Takde bagi soalan ape pun Farah. Biarkan je. Farah stay sampai esok je ke?

Honeydy Love said...

dah sampai... yeayy!.. tp kt luar lg.. huhu..apa lah semua org musti ingat u dpt sms break up dgn bf.. huahuahua...sian u..
pada kwn2 sekalian, ini sms utk memutuskan persahabatan cik cahaya dgn kwn lakinya. da one dat i know and ermm... huhuhu...:P

This is Mine said...

new image pe??

kak honey ckp pe ngan akak??

This is Mine said...

rase2 mcm kena postpone sket...
sbb ad akak kt opis dulu mintak tlg wtkan buttercake....

big boss kt lipis [boss tmpt kerja] dh fon farah dh td... heee~

CAHAYA said...


Takpe, tutup cerita. Buka buku baru. Hidup ni kan macam buku. Ada chapter, Ada episod, ada cerita. :)



Ape kena mengena buttercake dengan image baru? Adoi. Kenapa akak blur ni. Mungkin sebab mabuk sos mustard kot tadi.

So Farah keje kat Lipis ke kat KL?

ZestyZinniaraZine said...

buttercake tue jawapan bau2 bacang pada soklan bila nk balik...

kerja kt lipis la kak...
kt tempat akak ad kerja kosong ke??
roger2 ar farah...

CAHAYA said...


Akak dalam proses membuang orang ni. Susah betul la tanggungjawab ni. Sesak rasa otak. Ye la, dah lama bersama kan? Sekali nak cakap dengan diorang yang company terminate diorang. Adush, sakit kepala.

Buttercake macam sedap je Farah!

Anonymous said...

errmm lelaki...!!!

CAHAYA said...


Lelaki pun ada emo dia. Bukan perempuan je. Lelaki pun suka hantar msg2 merajuk macam ni. :) Kawaiiii!

Anonymous said...


It's not fair for me, everyone blame me on this. No one know what really happen with my life. I'm suffered. No one know. I choosed to be silent all this while but everyone keep blaming me. You really good in this kind of things.. I tk merajuk and I'm not going to be ok.

Biar Allah saja yang tahu apa yg jadi.. Tapi u puaskan bercerita ttg benda camni? Puas tunjukkan yang u tk bersalah? Puaskan? Terima Kasih. Allah tu adil.