Tuesday, June 30, 2009

They Have A Choice.

Taken from Google.com

Everyone is entitled for at least one choice in everything. There's no such thing as "I have no choice", or "You leave me no choice". It got to be something. There must be anything that you can choose from. Especially when it's regarding infidelities.

I'm not keen with affairs. I don't like woman who having affairs with someone else's husband or vice versa. And this is not about me.

It's about my colleagues. Both of them are my colleagues. And one of them (the female) was my best friend. The "was" happened after I confronted her about her affair. She totally cuts me off. She deleted me from her Facebook's friend list and we've not talking since then. The male is my AM. He's married with 2-years old daughter.

I said she will be brokenhearted in the end. I said he will not leave his wife for her. I said he is just wanna have fun. I said he told everyone how she fall for him so bad and whatever he did to her/together. I said it because I care for her. I said it because I want her to know that whatever he promises her isn't real.

But she chose otherwise. She chose that guy over me. She rather losing me than him. She said she knows what will happen in the end. She said she's ready to whatever consequences. She chose to be brokenhearted anyway. And that's just sad.

He, on the other hand, chose to have an affair. He chose to cheat his wife. He doesn't feel guilty at all. He's condoning to that behavior. He's evil. He's not playing fair to everyone. He's just him. Plain selfish bastard.

She has a choice. He also has a choice. Choice to make better. Choice to be better. They just chose not to have all that. They chose misery. Pity them.


jelaskan padaku isi hatimu
seberapa besar kau yakin padaku
untuk tetap bisa bertahan denganku
menjaga cinta ini
pertengkaran yang terjadi
seperti semua salahku
mengapa selalu aku yang mengalah
tak pernah kah kau berpikir sedikit tentang hatiku
mengapa ku yang harus selalu mengalah
pantaskah hatiku
masih bisa bersamamu


Jard The Great said...

waduhh... i reminds me of the choices I also have to make.

adehhh............. I also chose to be broken hearted...

suezensuzanna said...

setiap bende tuh ader pilihan. Tpulah kalo kate takde pilihan....so...gune akal sebaik mungkin tuk buat pilihan ok:)

iNsOmNiAc said...

owh.. yikes! dumb girl & horny guy, they'll look good together - as a laughing stock that is :p
but cahaya, the truth is when it comes to love, women can be dumb2 sometimes..
that's why smart ppl like us chose to remain single ;) ahaks! we'd rather go find the meaning of life than to succumb into men's evil seduction.
as for your ex-bff - sad to say some ppl wud choose lust over anything else. and as for the guy, whatever he did to this lady & his wife, his daughter will pay for it somewhere in the future.. *evil witch smile*

i.am.belle said...

as a friend, u hv done ur part to make her see the pros and cons.

tapi sebagai manusia, benda yang mrk takkan dapat tulah yg ingin dikejar. in the end, apa yg dapat cuma 'kosong' semata.

zamspotte said...

Sometimes, we feel there is no choices... But, HE know best for us

HEMY said...

kalau dah suka..sayang..cinta cahaya..nk buat camne..plg2 nk menidakkan..kata kena guna2..hmmm

izan said...


bila hati da terpaut..... memang sukar buat keputusan. hanya melalui akal dan fikiran yang waras ... dapat memberikan satu jawaban...

CAHAYA said...


Like I said, everyone has a choice. You are the one who can choose what's best for you. Others just can give you as much as options that you could get.

I hope you'll think again of whatever you've decided. I hope you'll think for future and not just for the time being. Think for you and not for others.

p/s: If this can help, picture yourself in 10 years. Will he still by your side?

CAHAYA said...


Yep. Akal diberi olehNya supanya pertimbangan kita berkesan dan baik. Memang kadang2 kita tersalah pilih. Tapi tak perlulah ulang kesalahan yang sama berulang kali.

Sama je kan? Baik takyah.

CAHAYA said...


Yeah! They are main laughing stock currently at office. I felt pity for her. I know maybe the age factor made her that way. Leave her no choice kot. But I doubt it. She surely will be okay if she's still single. Now she being all grumpy and having mood swings like nobody's business. Pity her and that man's wife. Pity his daughter too.

No one would want to be alone or lonely for the rest of their lives. But if it's fated that way, what she has to do is to accept it. I know it's so easy as it sounds, you have to try it before she just condone it, right?

Thank God we are smarter. And we're still accept love, no matter what form it is.

CAHAYA said...


Yeah! Pros and cons done. Now we're not talking. And I guess it will remain for quite some time.

True enough what you've said. Sometimes we want something that's beyond our mean. We will strive for it no matter what. But is it worth?

CAHAYA said...


Guna2? Haha. That guy is Chinese. I can't recall any 'guna2' in Chinese. If it's such, I don't think he will use it anyway. They're all just plain gatal. Haha.

Dah cinta, dah sayang. Tapi berbaloi ke?



There will be always a choice. HE made it that way. It's only up to you own logic akal to process it. But if you refuse to use it, even HIM can't help you.

CAHAYA said...

Kak Izan,

Orang cakap, cinta itu buta. Cinta tak buta. Manusia yang bercinta membuta tuli. Sampai hilang arah dan pedoman.

Kalau berkasih, berkasihlah kerana DIA. DIA beri kita segalanya, pada DIA juga kita harus bersyukur. This is what happen when you turn your back against HIM.

Brian Kinney said...

life is about choices :)
i'd agree with you.

zamspotte said...

haha... Qada' and Qadar loh...

CAHAYA said...

Brian Kinney,

Life is about choices. Even though we're likely to spoil over so many, at last, the choice is still ours. Listing pros and cons is the easiest way. I think I can do easy.



People always said Qada' and Qadar only when they want that option to be it is. HE also said whatever HE's fated for us, we still entitle for 'usaha', 'doa', 'tawakal' and 'redha'.

Qada' and Qadar is a big word. Use it wisely. It's kinda waste if we loss the true meaning of it.

Inah said...

the choice..hohoho..sometimes we tend to regret..sometimes we tend to be grateful..whatever it is..it is your fate :)

As said...

haru lah camni

btw kita ada choice why dun we choose the best kan..
kenapa kita nak letak diri kita pada sesuatu yang buruk

and i respect u for being concern :)

CAHAYA said...


My fate? We will regret for sure if we chose otherwise. Grateful, yes. We will. But sometimes 'lupa' juga bila dah senang.

CAHAYA said...


Memang haru pun. Dan sekarang bila tak bercakap lagi haru nak buat keje. Tapi malas je nak layan. Biarlah dia. I know I did the right thing.

Choices are consist of the bad and the good ones. It depends on our judgment. Whichever we choose, we surely have reason behind it. Sometimes people like to be in 'bad' position. Pengorbanan kata mereka. But I don't buy it.

I'm being concern as a friend. She saw it otherwise. :(

zamspotte said...

huhu... Believe in Qada' and Qadar is the 6th Rukun Iman... But, the way we practice the qada' and qadar... make our life perfect... Not all of the qada' is fixed, but god leave the matter in our hands... But, qadar is in the god hand...

CAHAYA said...


Yep! True enough what you've said. :) Practice and believe in it. Not just by saying it. I know sometimes we have to leave it to Qada' and Qadar. After all we are all from HIM.

Kun Fayakun. :)

In the context of above post, both of them have a choice. They know it better. They just can't leave it to fate before entering the fight. I know they're both in fight. Fight to make whatever they're doing right in the eyes of people, which is will never be happen. Because whatever they're doing now is wrong from the beginning.

tchersally said...

K.Sally suka n3 ni..u put things clearly in words..yup! agree! veryone has their own choice in life..why choose happiness over someone else's tears..that my dear, is a very sinful thing to do..kan?..well,idup ni penuh karma..what goes around comes around..

it takes two to tango..like u said..they are just plain gatal..

CAHAYA said...


Everyone wants to get married and being with someone. But not to the extend of having it just for the sake of having it, right? It's always up to oneself to choose. And I really hope, somewhere down the road, she will realize what and why I said things to her.

Yes, karma. Maybe she forgot that life's just a circle. And I just hope she'll be alright. I don't want anything bad happen to her.

Monkey D Luffy said...

cinta itu pelik

zamspotte said...

Erm... Still believing... But, if the man can provides them with even love, money or everything, why not he has two (or three or four) wife... But, if feel disqualified, better with only one...

(Dream of all man are married more than one woman... ye ker??)

But, your friend is insane to ignore you... WTS!!!

Anonymous said...

cinta tu kan buta.. =p

DrSam said...

Good one CAHAYA and you put it quite nicely. People say when you are in LOVE, even the fart smell like a blossom. So in away I don't blame both of them, the sinner will pay eventually.

technically, speaking actually God present (and clearly shows) us only with one choice to choose - that is to follow the right path - 'jalan yang lurus'. We, the mortal who create more 'simpang' thus confused ourselves with unthinkable choices that we don't even have to consider in the first place.

the beast within is really hard to tame though. Strong will and determination perhaps a good remedy.

en_me said...

hi akak cahaya ittewww.. salamm

Wahidah said...

affair? hard to say..but avoid la kalo bole..

CAHAYA said...


Sangat pelik. Dan kadang2 tu memualkan. Yucks!



I can't quite get what you really mean. But I think I can guess. You wanna say that kalau lelaki tu mampu apa salahnya kan? This man is Chinese dan tak punya religion pun. He's a free-thinker. Once pernah bergaduh dgn I because dia memperlekehkan kepentingan beragama dan Islam. I don't think he's eligible at all. But kita tak tahu masa akan datang kan?

He even promise to marry my friend (ops! ex friend) and before that he will divorce his wife. Pastu ajak my ex-friend pergi migrate kat Australia where dia tak perlu convert pun. Do that sounds eligible to you?

Different person, different opinion. But there's a reason why I don't like this kind of behavior.

CAHAYA said...


Cinta tak buta. Manusia yang buta sayang. :)



Yeah! With love, anything can happen. Everything is possible. I don't blame them either. I know maybe along the way, their judgment kinda sucks. That's why we try to help her. So she won't lost forever. I can only advised her once. I will leave the rest to her.

Life is simple. People made it complicated. As you put it; jalan lurus. Maybe because 'jalan lurus' will take us more time to reach the destination. That's why we choose the 'simpang'. We just hope that we'll reach the destination faster. But one can only hope. Sometimes we chose the wrong 'simpang'. And the consequences will be otherwise.

I wish I can have strong will and determination. Kinda losing it bit by bit now.

CAHAYA said...


hi. salam.



Yep. Avoid. I don't know if I'm in her place. Will I be like her? Gosh!