Saturday, June 27, 2009


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Do you ever want a particular day to be over? I do. I want today to be over. Yes, you can call me emotional too. Or whatever. I just want today to be over. Period.'cahaya')

mengejar mimpi yang pasti akan aku sentiasa merasa kehilanganmu,
ku akan tunggu saat bertemu,
tiada henti walau dimana kita berdiri dia dalam dunia ini,
biar sampai akhirnya nanti,
semua tak terang di mataku walau warnanya menyala,
ingin merasa namun aku tak akan cuba
biar kata memisah kita,
biarkan saja,
kerana terbiasa.


zamspotte said...

Patient sis...
If you want today over... then, sleep till tomorrow...

But, we have responsible for ourselves... Try to face it with patient...

CAHAYA said...

Yeah! Patient is the key. But sometimes you'll just lost it.

I wish I can sleep in the middle of my work right now. Responsibilities, nah! Whatever. I just can't think straight.

haritz said...


CAHAYA said...


aduh kenapa pulak?

[danial][ma] said...

hej! cahaya...whooopppsss...relax, respond, respect...not everyday is a bed of roses...just be patient and think positive...if the day is over very soon, pity others especially me that my day will be over too...;-)

CAHAYA said...


Auwh! I want mine to be over. I hope it won't disturb yours. Luckily the clock is on my side. It's 1 hour and 10 minutes to go. Yeay!

p/s: I'm trying to keep the positive vibes since morning. But things keep testing me. And I almost lose it.

tchersally said...

it will be over..

CAHAYA said...

Yes please. And it's raining outside. Still I'm stuck in office. Yucks!

As said...

tomorrow will always come
i want today to be over too

may Allah grant u a better day tomorrow and the days after..feel like u're close to me. Heh.

take care

and thanks for the sweet picture up there! cute!

Porcelain Doll said...

Hey! Cheer up!
Maybe you wanna join my latest project,
it's about building the time machine *wink*
just being silly...

i hate times now too!
i wish to go back to my past and correct so many things then i don't have to go through what i've went through up to today. *sigh*

HEMY said...

HEHE..I think most of us has this kind of wish every now and then

Dosz said...

lama aku fikir... lirik lagu aizat rupanya :p

DrSam said...

Thank God, Saturday is over!

Have a nice Weekend CAHAYA.

m e E n said...

having a bad day eh Cahaya?
by the time i'm posting my comment
here, the day thats refer to the entry
has over!

CAHAYA said...

Yeay! It's over. Now I have to 'mengadap' today pulak. InsyaALLAH everything will be okay.

Faisal Admar said...

usually i only have problem with monday.
this is new.

CAHAYA said...

Yesterday is my Monday. Just got back from 2days off. Thursday n Friday. That explain much.

zafi said...

Have a good rest! No stress no additional course!
live your life to the fullest ok!

Ad Rifza said...

Melankolik rasa kah?..hehe...Yg berlalu biarkan ianya terus berlalu..Moga yg akan dtg itu adalah yg terbaik utk diri kita..Insyallah..

CAHAYA said...


I'm working. And 'rest' just not in my vocabulary right now. But I'm sure to live my life to the fullest.


Ad Rifza,

Tiada melankolik. Cuma hari2 yang tak best. Alhamdulillah dah selesai. Hope for the best untuk hari2 yang akan datang.