Monday, August 31, 2009

Being Part of the Country.

Happy 52th Independence Day to all Malaysian. I'm proud to be Malaysian, you should too.

Of all the things that I know, I knew there’s a lot more that I don’t. - CAHAYA

I found this picture while daily-browsing over my favorite photography website. So much of young proud patriotism. I love it. ;)


cj'alhafiz said...

there's no other places better than Malaysia!!
epy 52nd anniversary of inde Malaysia!! but cahaya.... do u think our people are realy independant..??

CAHAYA said...


Yeah! I love Malaysia and proud to be a part of it. Salam Merdeka to you too.

That's something to think about. As for now, too much complaints received, and too much of what-Malaysia-do-for-you questions thrown. And nothing else.

Lebih banyak memberi dari menerima. Kan lebih bagus?


Anonymous said...

Trademark "lebih banyak memberi dari menerima".

Nice picture. I do love picture from

Anyway, Happy Merdeka!!! Glad to be Malaysian.

CAHAYA said...


Trademark? Haha. Another one. Stop whining, start working, start giving.

Nice kan gambar tu? I love it. But I'm a bit gloomy over oil prices today. :(

Salam Merdeka to you too.

Jard The Great said...

salam belated merdeka... apsal tak leh nk komen entri baru cahaya??? ehehe.. love the bob marley one..

CAHAYA said...


Salam Merdeka. Boleh belated pulak? Hehe. Nak komen ke? Saje buat tak berkomen. ;)