Monday, November 2, 2009

I guess, I am the happiest person on planet right at this moment.

Woa, what a title!

Thanks Allah for November. I've been waiting for it since forever (kot!). Wanna know why? Actually, I've been summoned by someone to write posts in BM for a whole 1-month, which was for the month of October. Finally, it's over. Although I didn't wrote it in full BM (or proper BM), I'm still proud, I did it. And I hope you guys/gals do like it too.

As yesterday was 1st November, I wanna say Happy Birthday to my blog friends, November and Farah. Have a wonderful-great-awesome birthday!

Okay, back to the title. Today is our day. Me and him. I met a person. A very nice person. And it has been a full 2-months of meet-know him. I met him at very crucial moment of my life, I would say. And he's my savior.

I was about to be declared bankruptcy (at least I think I am, eventhough I'm not) when I met him. He was a financial advisor (planner whatever) signed by AKPK (If you don't know what is AKPK, please Google it, okay?). We met and he asked about my payment plans to settle my loans and all I say to him, "Saya kalau banyak sangat hutang saya bunuh diri je." And I did cried in front of him right after that. Silly me!

He was very calm. And he did promised that he would help-guide me in any ways to settle it. Alhamdulillah, for the 1st month, I think we did great. I still don't have money to spend. But I settled all my loans on time. And I'm looking forward to settle other loan (yes, I have one) starting the month of January.

As the frequent meet up makes our heart grows fonder. We started calling names to each other. No such things as baby or darling or even sayang. We called each other 'gomok' and 'debab'. And we do feel great about it. I enjoyed our petang-petang cardio sessions and makan-makan afterwards, which leads me no-KGs lost for this 2-months. Aiyak!

It has been good 2-months with him. Alhamdulillah. And we're looking for more. Pray for us, will ya? As for now, I'm the happiest person on the planet called earth. I don't expect for wedding or tie-a-knot whatsoever any time soon, so please don't ask. :P

I just wanna enjoy this moment. If only I can put a pause to it. ;)

p/s: he's my savior when I fall.


nabilla naha said...

I pray for you sis!
btw, fyi, its my birthday on the 6th..:P

CAHAYA said...

nabilla naha,

Thanks so much! ;) Really? This 6th? Happy Advance Birthday then. Have a full blast one, okay?

Put past behind you as past means to be passed. Believe me, this way you'll see things clearer.

Inah said...

love is in the airrr..huhuhu :)

joegrimjow said...

dah bau nasi minyak

Suka Bebel said...

alhamdulillah...semoga dipercepatkan jodoh dan berkekalan selamanya. how do u feel? Great isnt it?hehe

CATZ said...

hi cahaya..
i'm happy for you..
love is in the air..
i interested about the AKPK thingy..
duk wondering about this for past few months but never met anyone knows bout this..
(nampak beno aku byk hutang..hahaha)..
maybe kita leh sembang later bout this..
i oso senyum baca ur entry ni..gumbira for u..

Jard the Great said...

waaa... i'm hepi to hear great news from you.. ehehe..

@xiM said...

i'm happy for you Cahaya..

Kebahagiaan itu untuk yang mencari,bukan tercipta sebegitu sahaja..

i pray for your happiness yaa!!

CAHAYA said...


Yes Inah! It is. ;)



Haha. Kalau kat belah pantai timur, pagi2 makan nasi minyak kan?

CAHAYA said...

Suka Bebel,

To be honest, I've been and feel better before. But as for now, it's all different. When you like the person for him and he did the same, it's whole different story.

I used to like people more than they like me and it will get me all brokenhearted (not to mentioned, alone) everytime they leave. It is too good to be true when to know he's more into me than I'm into him.

I guess, my mom saying of "Cinta orang yang mencintai kita lebih dari kita mencintainya..." kinda true.

Thanks. Hope this phase will never end. :P

CAHAYA said...


Hehe. Yeay! :P

You wanna know more aite? We'll talk later soon at YM after I get some sleep, okay?

Believe me, this AKPK thingy not for people with debts je. Semua orang boleh. They got counselling which will help you to plan your financial freely (and safely). When I first went there, I thought I yang paling susah, paling teruk. But ada yang sangat2 teruk. And my case dah macam kes celah gigi diorang je.

Senyum? Best2. Smile can attract good vibes around you. So do smile k? Thanks CATZ.

CAHAYA said...


Zillions thanks Jard. :P



Thanks Axim. Yeah, I know that now. I thought proper planning will lead to a good one. I'm totally wrong. Happiness just happen. And the taste of it, just super duper superb!

mangosteenskin said...

:) mmmmmm...

saya tumpang gembira.

yes, we should enjoy every moment, either it is good or will pass.

CAHAYA said...


I smiled over your 'mmmmmmmm' actually. :P Thanks babe. Happiness should be enjoy, should be celebrate. I'm enjoying and celebrating every bit of it. Without hesitation.

Whatever ahead of us, good or bad, I'll say, come what may. ;)

sepul said...

good to hear that. insyallah semoga cik cahaya dapat membina ikatan secara perlahan-lahan ye. slow but steady.

Suka Bebel said...

if he's your truthfully love and the real men you're looking for, its just a start. :)

CATZ said...

thanks cahaya..
yg i duk wonder ialah how this AKPK people help people in bad debts...mcm semua masalah boleh selesai..
i interested on financial planning...

This is Mine said...

mekasih kakak!!
[for the wish]..

sape 'kawan' kakak tue??
mau jumpa jugaklah!!!

take care ye sis!!!
luv ya!!

kawie2020 said...

i'm happy for u cahaya...

i'm also pray for ur happiness...

cik penguin said...


(itu saje hehe)

Wahidah said...

alhamdulillah..finally..wish u all the best..:)

CAHAYA said...


Yep. Slow and steady. One step at a time. No rush. ;) Thanks sepul!


Suka Bebel,

Yep. Baru bermula. InsyaALLAH jauh la berjalan. ;) Doakan yer.

CAHAYA said...


No problem. I dah explain dalam YM kan? Hope clear la sikit persoalan u tu. And believe me, AKPK best for financial planning and counseling. And it's free!


Farah Diana,

;) Have a blast okay?

Kawan akak? Nantilah. Belum masanya. Take care gal. Love you too!

CAHAYA said...


Thanks kawie. Thanks so much! ;)



*smile back!*

(itu saje) :P

CAHAYA said...


Finally? Haha. Belum final lagi ni. Thanks. said...

am so happy for you too ;D

CAHAYA said...

thanks Belle!

zafi said...

good for you!
smile! :)

DrSam said...

I am happy when you are happy sis!

Skullsplitter said...

Good move. :)

CAHAYA said...

zafi, Dr Sam & Skullsplitter,

Thanks so much guys. ;)

Miss TeJa said... come teja leh miss ceta niiii..aiyaakkk...

im hepi for u sis...really hepi...

pray for ur happiness n happiness...