Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What a girl wants?

Him: I have one question for you.
Her: Shoot!

Him: What a girl wants actually?
Her: Girl just wants somebody to want them back.

On related note, what I really want right now is this. My 7.2mp camera doesn't seems to meet my needs anymore.

What do you think?


Adziim said...

Well guy also wants girl to want them back....but more than one girl is always welcomed.

Go for it. Buy the camera, fulfill your heart desire.

CAHAYA said...

Adziim - Amboi. Gatal! Belum apa2 dah tunjuk sindrom pasang lebih dari 1.

Yeah! Which one? GF1 ke Olympus yang best?

HEMY said...

wau cantik kamera..lense leh tukar ke??

what i want is a girl that want me badly..ahahaha

iNsOmNiAc said...

what this girl wants is a guy who wouldn't want any other girls (or guys - haha!) but me ;)
can't quite comment on the camera issue ;p coz i'm so not gadget-savvy, sorry!

*~ aRaBeLLa ~* said...

sy pon nak tukar kamera..aritu sy de survey kat mid ade sale..kat jusco dgn kedai yg dlm mid..ade yg saya berkenan nikon s570 12pixel tak sampai rm500 pon..sampai hujung bulan ni..

Inah said...

i'm using lumix for both digital and compact dslr..nice lense, very sharp :)..olympus pun ok juga..cuba tgk review for both camera and decide :)

CAHAYA said...

HEMY - Yep. Lense boleh tukar. GF1 tu ada kit yg siap 42mm lense.

insomniac - Haha. Me too. I am one-man women and I need one-woman man. ;)

CAHAYA said...

arabella - Wow, good bargain. I nak yang boleh tukar lense but tak berapa poyo macam DSLR. Hehe.

Inah - That's the thing. I've been down to these two. It's quite a call. Sigh.

Thanks for your review tho'.

Jard The Great said...

hehe.. demam dslr ke?

CAHAYA said...

Jard - Blom demam lagi. Ni bukan DSLR. Tapi compact, cuma boleh tukar2 lense je.

yonna said...

i think Lumix pun ok jugak kot? tp yonna ttp craving for SLR. boleh nangis takde camera ni akak. rasa mcm blogger yang loser bila takde camera niiiiiiiii T_________T

budak pinky said...

cantek cam.. ;p

Faisal Admar said...

it's not so small. why not get yourself a dslr instead? :)

i'd suggest... 1 dslr and 1 compact. i plan so, too.

right now, i'm just a proud owner of Canon 500D :)

Ju-Jue On the Line said...

Lumix ade yg kaler merah tuu...LUURRVEEE IT!

CAHAYA said...

yonna - haha. blogger yang loser, comel btol terms tu. haha. lumix GF1 ni macam DSLR jugak, cuma tak la segedabak macam DSLR. kamera2 kat gambar ni semua boleh tukar lense. Nak pakai lense panjang macam teropong pun boleh.

pinky - Yep. Geram. Memang comel.

CAHAYA said...

Faisal - I'm not a heavy user of camera. A compact one with lotsa2 function will do. For instance GF1. Hehe.

Woa, proud owner of 500D, how is it?

Ju - Kan? Warna merah n putih sangat tempting ok!