Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Note to self.

: Don't grow attached to anyone.

I hate when I meet someone new and I start to talk to them on a regular basis. Then it becomes a everyday routine and I grow super attached to them. But suddenly out of the blue, we just stop talking completely.

I think that really sucks because I just sit here waiting for nothing. I'm not sure what happened but I thought we were friends. Dang!


yummien straggy said...

cik cahaye,
setiap kali awak post anything bout heart,
mesti kite akan berdebar debar sebab mesti bende yang sama tengah terjadi dekat kite..
seriously,evrything u wrote..
memang betol betol macam terkene dekat kite..
envy u because u know how to write it properly..
how to express it..
and how to make it so simple,yet beautiful..
kite banyak kali nak tulis bende yang serupa pasal above situation,(and a previous posts)but u came out with such a nice one..
thank you for making me at least equal to someone..
and please update more..hehe!

Yasmin :)

DrSam said...

I hope this is just a cool off period and not a plateau in your relationship (or even a full stop).

Have a nice day CAHAYA.

IamYonna said...

haaaaaaaaaa kakak! bestnya ayat akak (since yonna nak expresskan feeling tak reti.apatah lagi menulis dlm english hehe) maka yonna nak pinjam ayat akak ok! :D

CAHAYA said...


Sama? Alahai girl, I wish I'm the only one who felt this way. But since kita dua sama, I hope we can get out from this feelings as soon as we can. Sooner the better.

p/s: I only write when there's emotional changes in me. I wish I can write anytime despite anything.

CAHAYA said...

Dr Sam,

I believe there are terms where people refer as good or bad relationship. If it worth keeping it... why not? But if it vice versa... I'll say, good riddance!

Have a nice day too, Dr Sam.

CAHAYA said...


Thanks dear. Spread my words and loves pleaseeee... ;)