Friday, April 22, 2011

Promise and human nature.

At one point, we've all encountered people who've made a promise to never leave or abandon us. But in truth, these promises are a mere denial of reality. Truth is, nothing in life is permanent; people always come and people always go.

Some even said that promises are meant to be broken, and absolutely no one is capable of foreseeing the future. Needless to say, those promises weren't directly made to hurt us.


It's our own human nature that is to blame. We make "promises" out of impulse without thinking ahead of what the future may hold. Accordingly, expectations and false hopes arise. And those who end up with the shorter end of the stick, blame the opposite party - when in reality, no one is to blame. It's human nature to make promises and human nature to believe them. Especially at this age.

So what are we left to do?

Simple: let it go, stop blaming those who hurt us, and continue to live life without this bitterness and animosity. Trust me, you'll live in a much more peaceful reality this way.

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Ad Rifza said...

Sifat manusia kan..lama tak singgah sini..eheh

CAHAYA said...

Hmm. Tu la. Susah nak komen. Apa-apa pun, setiap tingkah laku atau keputusan kita mmg akan efek orang lain samada kita nak ataupun tidak. ;)