Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nothing lasts forever.

At times, I feel overwhelmed. I hate not understanding the mistakes I’ve made and I’m scared that I’m going to commit them over and over again without I realize. But then there’s this point in life when you realize that everything’s going to be okay, somehow. Nothing lasts forever and life is a constant cycle that keeps anything from lasting longer than it should.

But, no matter what your outlook on life, if you love it at one point and hate it at another, you still have to work with it. I guess it’s my strength and determination that gets me up every morning. It’s my fear that drives me and my pain that teaches me. It is important for me to know that nothing lasts forever, but that everything has a purpose.

You have to love yourself before you love another. You have to trust yourself before you trust another. Because life is about constant balance. Whether you feel like life has fucked you over or if you’re having the best times of your life. Just know that there is something always better out there.

In the end, it will only be you and yourself. So sometimes, you have stop trying to change your life all of the time. Just concentrate on living instead, Sakinah!

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