Monday, February 16, 2009

That 16th February.

Last night. Early birthday bash.

I turned 28 today. Looking back on the past 27 years and 364 days of my life, I have only one question to ask.

What am I doing with my life?

One thing’s for sure though, I have done a lot of things. Good and bad or even a combo. But none are as significant as, like ending world hunger, volunteering for Gaza or getting the US to stop bombing innocent people all over the world in the name of fighting terrorism.

When I was a little girl, I always pictured myself in next 20, 30 or even 40 years old. At the age of 12, I've realized that I want to be someone, somebody rich and famous. I want to have a huge beautiful house and all money in the world. Money is everything for me at that time. I've pictured everything includes the husband, the very handsome-charming husband with 4 kids of ours.

When I reached my 18 years of age, I know I've all grown up. I was waiting for my SPM's result and at the same time got my driving license. My uncle of mine asked me to pick what car that I want to drive after my result come out. I smiled. I said I wanna have my first car with my own money, from scratch.

At the age of 24, I've graduated and working. I leave, run, and live my own life. I wanna my parents to let me be. I know what I’m doing. Friends be the most important things in my life at that time. I live life fast and relax later. I live life by my own rules. I wanna have everything, no matter what were the consequences. I live in the here and now. And worry about the future later or sometimes not worry at all. I just wanna be left alone with my life.

As for today, being 28 years old, I've learnt everything. I hope this age make me wiser. I really hope so. I know it is still long way to go. I will be better in every possible ways. InsyaAllah. Please pray for me.

Sometimes, one can’t help but wonder what are the priorities in life. Maybe this is the age where I'm considered mature but not old. Bright prospects but not overly rated/paid. Or maybe being 28 is when I'm considered stable but not comfortable in life.

This new age phase is the perfect time to try new things. I don't have anything in mind yet but your ideas are most welcome. Other than this, there are things that I need to put in perspective. Being a bachelorette that I'm, I began to wonder if 28 is the perfect time to settle down or should I wait 2-3 or 5 more years. I welcome all suggestions regarding what to do with my life from now on. I'm at all ears.

As for now, I’ll be perfectly content to just live my life like I should, one day at a time, slowly. Who knows, maybe new opportunities are just around the corner.

Until then, I’ll ramble through life at my own pace. With or without you. :)

p/s: Please don't judge. Huhu. I wish nak kawen cepat last night. Haha.


arep said...

hey... the wish must b kept as a secret. baru lah "makbul"


Sherita Aziz said...

happy birthday.. yup, kalau dah content dgn life.. just wait slowly lah kannn for other things to come (like marriage and such..) he he he!!

Abah Mui'zz said...
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Abah Mui'zz said...

Sedapnya kek.

Betul kata orang, birthday is not about how old you are, it is about how you grow old.

Happy birthday Cahaya.

CatlinaFly said...

salam kenal & selamat hari lahir..cedap tu kek cokelat eh? :)

izan said...


selamat panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki.

angka cuma untuk kita mengenal diri. biarkan hidup kita gembira dan bermakna, seperti semalam untuk hari-hari mendatang.

usaha kuat sikit terutama dalam perkara jodoh...hehe..(itu semua kerja Yang Maha Kuasa).. bila dah sampai masanya, dapatlah k zan kad jemputan...

Tupai Karan said...

Slmt pjg umur..

Glad I tercampak dlm blog u on your befday..

Hope your wishes come true.. as long ada usaha dan keyakinan, semua mesti beressss :)

Shooke said...

selamat hari tua.. eh..

selamat hari jadi.. hehe..

mudah mudahan panjang umur.. murah rezeki... jodoh pun sampei..


Anonymous said...

sedapnye kek.

Kniedaz said...

mmm..happy belated birthday cahaya...may your childhood dreams will come true..

DrSam said...

Happy 28th birthday. May your life will be full of happiness and sunshine, just like your name.

In The Nite Garden said...

Happy birthday...
Semoga ketemu apa yg dicari selama ni...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you cahaya! :)

CAHAYA said...


ye ke? ops! nampaknya tak termakbul la ni. Takpe, malam tadi kek lain dah wish lain dah. syhhh! tak leh bagitau. hehe.



thank you. One step at a time. Macam Jordin Sparks. :)

CAHAYA said...


Thanks. Yep, it's all about how you do it. :)



Thanks. kek yang sangat sedap. Choc Mud from Secret Recipe.

CAHAYA said...

kak izan,

thanks akak. itulah, jodoh semua ditanganNya. insyaAllah. :)

Cahaya sangat +ve tentang itu.



yep. Thanks. Dimana ada usaha, di situ ada jalan eh?

**Camne nak usaha ni?

CAHAYA said...

Shooke, Kniedaz, DrSam, InTheNiteGarden, LandakLaut,

Thanks all. I hope all my dreams come true. :) Doakan yer. :)



yep, kek ini sangat sedap. dan manis. :) said...

selamat hari lahir *v*

stay vogue okeh. lalala...


happy belated birthday :)

Ad Rifza said...

HAPPY BURFDAY CAHAYA..Sama laa kite ek..dekat2 jer..leh celebrate sama2 laa...hehehe...Moga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki..Smoga sentiasa dalam keberkatan dan kerahmatan Allah hendaknya..Insyallah..

Faisal Admar said...

hehe agree with arep. mana boleh reveal wish le :P

happy birthday hon!!

nahmy said...

ok le tu, but now it's a right time to start practising 'the law of attraction'. intention is everything! but not in rushing mode of course. or you'll might get time-drifted...

CAHAYA said...,

thanks. :) V for vendetta eh? huhu.



Macih. :)

CAHAYA said...


Thanks. Itulah. dekat2 je kan? Tahun depan celebrate sekali. Haha. :) **panjangnya angan2. :)



takleh bgtau ke? Ingatkan kalau war2kan pada orang, semua tahu, so semua leh tolong sekali. haha. :)

thanks :)

CAHAYA said...


haha. you're absolutely right! does the 'law of attraction' includes me getting a plastic surgery or tummy tuck? Haha. :)

mummysyafie said...

cahaya...happy birthday to you.

semoga panjang umo n dimurahkan rezeki tau. supaya maintain ramah mesra alam macam ni..

take care dik

singamaraja said...

Auuum !

Selamaet hari jadi untuk kamu

TuN TeJa said...

happy 28th birthday cahaya..smoga murah rezeki n cepat2 dpt jodoh.. ;p

yOnnA said...

happy belated birthday! :)

bile nk kawen ni hehe

CAHAYA said...


thanks so much. :) harus maintain kan. haha.



aummmm balik. haha. :) thanks kamu.

CAHAYA said...


I heard about your dad. Deep condolences to you and your family. Semua ini ketentuanNya. Take care.

Thanks for the wish.



thanks! :) taknak kawen la. nak menikah je. :)

zackzara said...

Salam, Cahaya.

I wish that you have a bright years and life ahead, as it does to your name. I wish you have a beautiful years and life ahead, as it does with your smile. I wish you have a happiness life in years to come, as it is who you truly are.

Well, in life, we have to make countless decision and the biggest one is how to live the life the way we want it to be, but sadly, not all what we want in life will be granted by Him.

Things in this world (and life) comes in package. With its pros and cons. You see, what you really want to do in this life, is not for us to determine, even how one may suggest. We always wish for the best, but somehow, if you look at it closely, we sometimes got carried away that we may wish for the bad ones, without we even realize it...all in the name of we want it to be that way, in our favor.

I guess, at this moment of time, in 28th years of living, you should have made few decisions in terms of career and love life, and the rest will follow suits. 28 although is just a number, if you aint do something about it, all I can say is : "'s just a number". So what YOU really have to do now is to list out what really matters to you. There's no harm to try as many things as possible while you are still blowing 28 candles for the whole year, and there's no harm to go beyond that..but blow the candle one by one with hope, pray and action thereafter...which means : get off that couch and do something real good to yourself and to those who matters the most to you. Go ahead and do some extreme games, kill off that 'can do or not' thought in a snap and just go ahead with your that by the time you reach will think back of how you spent your days while you are still 28.

Me? Count my blessings :)

Happy 28th Birthday, Cahaya.

Anonymous said...

sedapnyerr kek tu..yummyyyy

Wahidah said...

sorry for the late entry...

happy belated bufday sis...
moga ape yg dihajati termakbul...:)

CAHAYA said...


I've been inspired by your comment. :) Thanks so much. I know that we should not depends on what people comments or suggestions to us in order to be successful or better.

But, I always welcome any kind of advice, and someone like you to guide me through. :)

They say, manusia lain cermin kita. Thanks so much.

p/s: how come I didn't notice this earlier. :(



memang sedap. :)



thanks. :) insyaAllah. Doakan yer.

Suka Bebel said...

whatsoever passed is now history. if the greates moment is yet to come in your life, its the matter of time. be patient. you'll be there. happy belated birthday my fren.sori lah, kamek bz lately, so sik sempat nak blog hopping selalu.hehe

Suka Bebel said...

eh lupa, semuga dipanjangkan umur dimurahkan rezeki dan dipercepatkan jodoh.hehe

CAHAYA said...

Thanks so much. :) Congrats on your twin walaupun it's a long way to go. But, i'm happy for u guys. :)

So, ape lagi, doakan yang belakang tu selalu untuk Cahaya yer. :)