Friday, June 19, 2009

Haha and Huhu.

This is the 100th post. Yay! Let's celebrate. And let me choose how. This is my kinda celebration. Bare with it. And here it goes.

I'm still not over whatever happen for the last few weeks. Good and bad, or even worst. I'm grateful that the Merciful still give me the strength and power to hold on after of all things had happened. I don't know for how long. But I'm sure will try my best to hold on and keep myself together. Pray for me, will ya?

I want to move to the new course. New direction. And hopefully it will turn out good this time. I want to think less of the not-so-important stuffs and focus on things that surely will do me good. I know we're all human, and it's likely for us to make mistakes and sometimes the same mistakes twice. But I don't like the idea of certain people, who condoning the behavior of careless human, that always make mistakes and never learn from it. If we're so careless and always make error, what's the differences between us (human) and the non-human? I'm just wondering, never questioning.

As for my life, lots of things happen for this week itself. Some are worth my attention and had caught my eyes. And some are way too much to handle. I almost get carried away by the situation. Even it's likely me to be carried away all the time.

GOOD things like job promotion, cousin's wedding and also our can't wait Pesta Malam Indonesia (PMI) concert, really filled up my days with smile. Not-so-GOOD events like my cousin's miscarriage, the issue of 'feeling guilty' and few bombing-and-bashing with colleagues over something irrelevant, had overwritten all the GOOD vibes.

I just hope that next week will turn out good for me. I need it. I will feel so low if it does not happen. I know it's so much to ask. There's nothing wrong to hope for something good, right?

Sorry, if this 'celebration' kinda emotional.

p/s: Take care and have a great great full blast weekend to all of you. I'll sure have mine at PMI's concert tomorrow. Thanks to Eddy for the tickets (walaupun susah sangat nak dapat. Ops!)


Honeydy Love said...

takde thanx to me.. ponek den duk remind dia.. huhuhu.. :)
juz kidding.. :)

Inah said...

have a great weekend dear :)

tchersally said...

the way your entry sounds..i dont have any doubt that u'll pull through just great dear!!just stand tall..stand confident!!

DrSam said...

Hope everything will turn out fine and wonderful for you. Have a great weekend.

dukunlintah plk said...

hepi weekend :)

MariaFaizal said...

Have a great 100th post celebration. Next week will definitely be than this week (as we have to ensure today is better than yesterday & tomorrow will be better than today, aight? :)

Take care.

CAHAYA said...


Thanks to you to gal. I've messaged him like 100th times. But it's worth it. Now I'm preparing myself with my iTouch loaded with mostly SheilaOn7, Dewa, Gigi, Padi and Andra's songs.



Thanks babe. Good start as for today. Looking for better tomorrow. :)

You had a great one too. Ops, you don't have weekend this week, aight?

CAHAYA said...


Words are deceiving my darling. Staying positive kinda IN right now. So, I might as well try it.

Walk tall and chin up still. I hope I still remember the taste of ground when I look up to the beautiful sky.

Thanks Tchersally. Have a great happy weekend, will ya?

CAHAYA said...


Thanks so much. Hope it will be in the right fine direction. Have a great weekend too. Send my regards to Sis Zayda.


dukunlintah plk,

Thanks. You too. Have a great one!

CAHAYA said...

Maria Faizal,

Yeah! Looking forward for better. InsyaALLAH.

"Everyday in everything, I'm getting better" This is actually my life motto since high school. :)

100th hopefully better. It's an even 100! It should be better. :)

HEMY said...

kekekke...pasni layan lagu indon tu pamper urself ah???niceeeee

Sherita Aziz said...

CONGRATSSSS!!!! 100th entry!!! anyway.. have a great weekend..!!

Monkey D Luffy said...

aku pun selalu kena pasal human error ni

kalau first time pun kena kaw2 punya

Benrauf said...

ongrats for the 100th post cahaya

Benrauf said...

aku miss c..c for cahaya..haha

CAHAYA said...


Haha. I had fun last night. Skang ni kat ofis dalam keadaan sangat mengantuk dan terlalu letih. Huhu. Nak balik. Nak tido.


Sherita Aziz,

Thanks thanks thanks. Happy weekend Sher. :)

CAHAYA said...

Monkey D Luffy,

Nama pun manusia. Human error. First time ker atau kali ke berapa pun, kalau masih tidak belajar, baik takyah!



Thanks thanks. C for cahaya kan kan?

Jard The Great said...

huhu... tomorrow have to work...

CAHAYA said...


Itulah. Tapi hari ni pun keje jugak.

13may said...

mana entri 101?

hehhe hehhe

Nite Garden said...

Once bitten twice shy. If twice bitten??? Go and die la! Sound harsh but that's life, kan? Take it or leave it - a friend of mine frequently said that to me.

Waiting for your 111th entry :)

CAHAYA said...


Jap2 lagi timbul la entry no 101 tu. :P


Nite Garden,

I sure to be careful next time to avoid careless mistakes. Or more mistakes in the future.

Life is harsh, but sweet. At least for me.