Saturday, July 11, 2009

Again, Wrong Judgment!

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I tend to do wrong judgment all the time. In fact, I've made one just now. I believe honesty is the best policy and that's what I did. I'm wrong. I'm so wrong.

How to make it right when the right thing you did just plain wrong? How to be right then?

I find myself kinda accident-prone lately. I almost get into an accident this morning. It happened few times. Few times, all in one morning.'cahaya')

Go ahead just leave, can't hold you, you're free
You take all these things, if they mean so much to you
I gave you your dreams, 'cause you meant the world
So did I deserve to be left here hurt?
You think I don't know you're out of control
I ended up finding all of this from my boys
Girl, you're stone cold, you say it ain't so
You already know I'm not attached to material
I'd give it all up but I'm takin' back my love
I'm takin' back my love, I'm takin' back my love
I've given you too much but I'm takin' back my love
I'm takin' back my love, my love, my love, my love
My love


Porcelain Doll said...

oh dear... what happened?

HEMY said...

just do it the right way...that's all. huhu..and be extra never want to get involved in an accident

Ad Rifza said...

Sometimes we've made a wrong judgement..but thats what all of us do..Nobodys perfect .. rite?Then we must learn from mistake..We try not to do a wrong thing again..carefull in what ever you do..

MariaFaizal said...

Do it right the first time..
Normally mission statement of most workplaces :D

Easily said eyh?

Take care dear.

Brian Kinney said...

Judgment and Honesty are two different thing. Don't mix them.

I still think honesty is the best policy until today. I even got a break up with my girlfriend before because of I told the truth. Yes, I don't gain anything from telling the truth, but I know I will still lose many thing if I didn't tell the truth. Plus, I will always feel guilty and my life will be as bad a rotten apple. Become worse everyday.

CATZ said...

be extra careful..:)
have a nice weekend cahaya...

CAHAYA said...


Another stupid action done by stupid me. Enough said. Hish!



The damage is done. I've done it. And I did it the right way. Just the 'right' thing I did, not the 'right' thing for him. :(

I'm all eyes and ears when driving now.

CAHAYA said...

Ad Rifza,

Yeah! Should be more alert to prevent more more misjudgment in the future. I know human makes mistakes. But what I wanna do just to correct it. It became worst.

CAHAYA said...

Maria Faizal,

I guess I did it right the first time. And the second time as well. But my 'right' not really his 'right'. It's so complicated!

Take Care Sis. You've been busy eh?

CAHAYA said...

Brian Kinney,

Yep. Couldn't agree more on that. But I didn't mix it up. Whatever it is, honesty is always the best policy. I'm being honest and hurt someone at the same time. Too bad eh?

CAHAYA said...


Sure. I'm all alert right now. Hopefully nothing bad is gonna happen. But I feel tired to be alert all the time.

Have a nice weekend dear!