Sunday, July 12, 2009

Judgemental YOU.

True enough. Not any different. ;)


suezensuzanna said...


Anonymous said...

depends on situation. sometimes people judge you because of your attitude and the judgement was true.

JMR said...

be urself...N BE better for urself...

CAHAYA said...


hehe. erk? why?



People always judge. And me included. I judge all the time. And that never make me a better person.

Judging others might be easy. But how people judge? Normally by the appearance and impression. People never think why people be that way and never even give solution to the problems (if any).

I know what is good and bad. I will be careful not to hurt others. But if without intentions I did it somehow, I like people to pin point my mistakes if I ever did bad things to them. I'll try my best to change. They're my eyes. I might know myself better, but people see me clearly. It's never the same as you looking yourself in a mirror.

Judgment might be right. But what you do with your judgment? Keep it to yourself? Or share it with the person so he/she can change for good? If you share, don't you think it will be better?

As I've said earlier, its easy to find problems but never a solution.

CAHAYA said...


I'm proud to be myself. I used not to believe that because of the perceptions. I used not to believe that world and life is beautiful.

I see things clearly now, how beautiful my life and my world. And I want to share with the world.

People always wanna be better. But do they do something about it? Or it just a mere saying?

[S]itie [B]Um [B]Um said...

sgt la benar kenyataan itu!! =)

CAHAYA said...


Hehe. Benar eh? Might be true. There's more to it. On the inside. ;) said...


you know, some people doesnt like other people to have friends and to be happy. they dont even like to see other people get help from others.

well fck them. they dont deserve to be happy if they keep making other people miserable.

CAHAYA said...


Woa, your words lighten my heart. ;) Thanks babe. Its weird how this world change people. Or is it people who change the world?

Seeing others happy and putting a smile on people face is always a blessed. But not many want to do that. Putting people into misery and gloomy might be a victory to them. And they did that without hesitation.

Weird, but it happens. In front of my very own eyes.

Jard The Great said...

kalo first impression always counts kira jdgemental tak?? ehehe..

CAHAYA said...


It depends. Normally, bila jumpa orang yang tak kenal, kita akan ada 1st impression. Then, bila dah lama2, only then barulah kita judge kan?

Tapi human is unique. Tuhan ciptakan manusia itu unik dan berubah2. Takkan sama setiap hari. Sebab manusia ada emosi, feelings, ada mind. So body react towards apa yang sedang berlaku dalam badan dan di sekitarnya.

Jadi, siapalah kita untuk menilaikan orang lain sedangkan diri kita pun perlu banyak belajar dan serba kekurangan. Kalau jelas tak elok, nasihatkan. Bukan hancurkan. Bukan kondem. InsyaALLAH berubah.

Manusia bukan batu. ;) Ehh, panjang plak.

Anonymous said...

I love your last word, 'It's easy to find problem, but never the solution rite?' Maybe u can use that word to yourself and keep remind yourself to be better not to cheat others.

I hope you'll stop making problem with others and finally scared to solved it. Every question or problem in this world can be solve. But the different between you and others is, they try to solve their problem, but you not. You scared. If you think everyone never try to solve their problem, you are totally wrong.

You life just depends on others quote but not from yourself. Make your own quote which is come from your heart coz it would be better than keep using others material to show everybody about yourself..

Don't be lazy to think about what is good and bad inside you.

CAHAYA said...


Sure to keep that in mind. Thanks a lot. The quotes here was never from myself and I did put credit to it (if you notice!)

I don't depends on quotes. And whatever I did discussed here is for my own self. Nasihatkan diri sendiri. That's all.

I maybe not creative enough to create my own quote or anything. Not like you. And I like creative people who creates cool things. And this is what we called sharing. ;)

CAHAYA said...


If you really know me, show yourself. Hiding is for coward. ;)

And you don't know me. Not before, not now or forever. Clearly, this is an example of judgemental and being mental all in one! ;)

Have a nice day too.