Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If Only I Could Turn Back Time.

The idea of a time machine by Warner Bro's.
It was for the movie 'The Time Machine'.

Looks promising.

I'm sure you guys/gals had seen 'Back to the Future' trilogy, right? For those who never watch this trilogy, please Google it. Or you can download it through torrent. Ops!

I met an old friend over coffee at Oldtown Jalan Kuching yesterday. We went to the same school. We shared same memories. We shared almost everything; stories, books, tumblers, and even shoes. We got lost in contact for almost 10 years before I met him again through Facebook. Thanks to the technology!

We reminisced how good it was back then. We don't have to work. We don't have to pay anything. We just having fun as teenagers and students. We don't care what happen around us. We were too busy chasing fun.

He came out with a silly idea about building a time machine. "Tell me when its done. I wanna be one of the tester," I said. His cheerful face suddenly turned to a sullen one. He began his words slowly.

He really wants to go back to year 1999 where he first got his driving license. He killed a pregnant woman back then by accident. It was after 2 days he got his license. He really wish that he could turn back time and let his friend drive on that day. He did not know that his stubbornness could hurt someone else. Not until that very 2nd day. He even can't drive until now. He travels by taxi. He hates anyone driving above 70km/h. I'm myself got scolded by him whenever he feels I'm driving too fast (it was 40km/h, okay) yesterday.

I feel sorry for him. And I hope he will be okay in time.

The original idea back then. I don't put so much of hope on this one.
I don't even think it can make it to kedai depan tu.

If I could travel back in time, I wanna be in 1997. Those were my proud years. I love myself, my family and people around me. All I care about back then was books. And only books. I enjoyed every bit of my day. I slept with a smile on my face. And had a good laugh out loud any chance I've got. I don't wanna change any of it. I just want to enjoy it one more time.

If you have the chance, when you want it to be? What you gonna change?

**This is only a discussion. I know it's impossible.
Hope you guys/gals can be open minded about it. Cheers!**
**All images taken from**'cahaya')

If only I could turn back time
If only I had said what I still hide
If only I could turn back time
I would stay for the night
For the night...


HEMY said...

ah...sadisnya...lcuky he's not charged with bunuh tanpa niat ke apa...

mmg lah..kadang benda dh kita tknak jadi..hmm

mummysyafie said...

macam pernah dgr kes ni. tats mean dier betul² dah fobia kan. ada orang yang tak pernah serik taw

kalau la boleh balik ke zaman lalu..akak nak gi ke tahun 1993. ceaa....

Brian Kinney said...

It's kinda sad about your friend's past time. I hope someday, somehow he can move on and get rid of this nightmare. I maybe do not know how bad it feels when someone died because of me. But I can tell, it feels like we kills someone and of course we will have great regret forever. To God, please do not let this happen to me. Please...

If I can turn back time, I want to go to year 1997. If I could, I know my life will be much easier than now.

Fate is fate. Faith is faith.

Jard The Great said...

sometimes.. i wonder.. why the cars are so slow on the roads.. hmm.. now tht I've read this post.. I think it gotta do with their past experience.. I'd drive carefully after this.. huhu

Cybernetics Mind said...

ishhh...takut gak kan kalo boley time travel..
silap2 terperangkap kat mana2 taun...waaaaaaa
kalo kena taun yg kita suka tkper laa kan,
dibuatnya terperangkap time w.war II ker...huhuhu

*sapa pon tk boleh ubah takdir...even ada time machine...what is done

iNsOmNiAc said...

Me, I wanna be in 1998... good times, great frens & I only have me & my 2 baby sisters to conquer the whole house :p those were the days *sigh*...
But if possible, I still wanna live my life in the 40's - not in Malaysia but in LA :p *vivid imagination* And I'll the time of my life, yeay!
So, Cahaya, bila nak siap time machine u ni? :p hehehe...

tchersally said...

1991 please...zzzzaaasssss...the year I went to Matric 1..why? so that me and darling would have met earlier and would have discussed before choosing our courses..he shouldnt have taken medic!! because 4 years living apart from each other was yuckkss!! but again..its just a thought kan Cahaya kan..

CAHAYA said...


Takde la lucky mana pun. He was hospitalized for few years because of the trauma. Pity him. Sekarang ni baru nak start belajar. Few years dah habis macam tu je.

CAHAYA said...


Nampak dari air muka dia, dia memang betul2 insaf kak. And saya yg drive ni terkejut2 sebab dia takut bila lalu sebelah lori atau bas. Kesian sangat.

Harap semuanya baik2 untuk dia pada masa akan datang.

Kenapa tahun 1993 kak?

CAHAYA said...

Brian Kinney,

I hope this kinda nightmare won't happen to me either. I hope my friend will be okay in time. After that incident, he totally separated from outside world. No one knows what happen to him.

Don't you think what happen today is fated? What are we now is fated as well? Maybe? Or maybe not.

CAHAYA said...


Sometimes people drive slowly for different kinda reason. Some might be talking to phone (whom I hate so much). Some may got lost and try hard to find a way. Some may be a careful driver. You can differentiate these driver on how or pattern they drive a car.

Don't drive slowly Jard. Drive carefully, will ya?

CAHAYA said...

Cybernetics Mind,

As I said earlier in the post, it is just a fun discussion. I know it's impossible and of course we can't turn back the time. It's fated to be this way. It's fated to be as in today.

Takdir memang tak boleh ubah. Apa yang dah terjadi memang tak boleh ubah. Tapi kita masih mampu usaha untuk ubah masa hadapan. Takkan mengalah macam tu je kan?

CAHAYA said...


I wanna be in L.A. too. And live glamorous life. Haha. It sometimes come to my though to be rich and famous. And be a celebrity. I think I will be a great one. Haha. **matilaa berangan**

Bila nak siap? Tunggu je, dah siap konfem I canang satu Malaysia.

CAHAYA said...


Hehe. I guess what happen back then made your love more stronger kan? Kalau tak susah, tak rasa sedapnya sis. Tapi kalau nak balik jugak zaman tu, insyaALLAH tidak kurang baiknya dengan sekarang, kan?

Just a thought je. Tapi kalau ada, lagi best!

Anonymous said...

kalo la boleh kembali ke masa yg lepas tp yg tu takkan mungkin terjadi.. =/

cendawanintim said...


@xiM said...

i wanna be in my childhood back..tak mau jadi dewasa sampai bila bila..:)

*teringat NEVERLAND dalam citer PETER PAN,,


Wahidah said...

if i can turn back the years..i want to turn back to i wish i can turn back the years..ut it only dreamzzz

CAHAYA said...


Memang tak mungkin. :) Tapi berangan tak salah kan? Mengisi masa lapang.



Yep. Sedih. Kesian dia. Hope dia okay.

CAHAYA said...


Childhood is the best moment of everyone (I guess so!). Jadi kanak2 lebih best. Takyah nak fikir macam2. Fikir main je. Or sekolah. Or kawan2. Hehe.



Ape ade dengan tahun 2001? Tiba2 teringat tahun 2001 diri sendiri. :( not really a good one.

zara said...

I wish I have time machine of my own so I can go back at any time of the year that I want. I will go to every year, of course. Some to enjoy the moment and cherish it more, some to make amends, some to do whatever things that I thought impossible back then, some to flirt more and have fun time, but most do the right thing and lots of pahala...for the future. is never gonna happen. Ahh well, for fun discussion purposes only - no harm, right Kin?!

CAHAYA said...

Hehe. Tamaknya. Nak pegi semua year. Takpe. Untuk discussion je.

They say, the time machine is possible. But how come we never receive any tourist from the future eh?