Monday, August 17, 2009

Feeling Better.

Alhamdulillah, I feel better now. Seems like the hospital's medication has work it wonders. My tonsillitis almost gone. At least I can swallow soft foods other than water now. It was kinda weird to have a tonsillitis without having a fever itself.

I always take tonsillitis as a sign that I will catch a fever in few days time. But this time, nope! No fever at all. My body temperature is normal. Same goes my blood counts, pressures and sugar level. I don't have headache, cough or flu. Just a plain tonsillitis.

On the first day, I consumed a lotsa warm water to make it gone. But end up going back-n-forth to ladies every 15 minutes. So, I went to panel clinic on the 2nd day. I still can eat at this time. Soft, mashed food. I just felt a slight uneasy on my throat. Doctor has prescribed me with antibiotic, paracetamol and thymol gargle for 1 week. By end of the week, there still no sign of recovery. It got worst. I lost my voice and even got chest pain whenever I took a deep breath.

Went to our family clinic then and been prescribed another course of strong antibiotic (as said by the doctor), paracetamol, papain tablets and thymol gargle for another 1 week. Week passed. I regain my voice but only can consume water. I drank a lot as I feel dehydrated.

I went to Selayang Hospital on last Wednesday. Got myself a h1n1 test and also a consultation with ENT specialist after that. I've tested negative for h1n1, Alhamdulillah. And got my 3rd course of Augmentin, paracetamol and thymol gargle. I get used with the gargle taste right now. And it only cost me RM1 for all that. Consider myself on a tight budget right now, I don't think I can spend another RM for my medications.

I have to come for another check up next week. And I'm happy it almost gone now. I'm sure will come back next time. I heart you Selayang Hospital. Thanks a lot!


suezensuzanna said...

wah....mkn ubat k:)

HEMY said... hurts obviously!! Don't forget to take your medicine on time =]

CAHAYA said...


ok. thanks. ;)



Yep. It hurts so bad. Nak telan air liur pun nak nanges je rasa. Alhamdulillah now dah okay sikit. Thanks HEMY. said...

owh beb! mesti seksa, nasib baik ada ubat legakan sakit tu. so rajin2 makan ubat dan minum air.

take care.

CAHAYA said...


Sangat seksa. Jangan la jadi lagi. Thanks. ;) Selamat berpuasa belle.

Porcelain Doll said...

Silalah makan obat-obatan itu sebelum sore anda hilang sepenuhnya... Kang tak boleh nak cakap ngan mulut, kena cakap ngan tangan *wink*

CAHAYA said...

Hehe. Dah nak okay. Tak sabar nak puasa. Hari ni testing, sejuk je hari ni. Alhamdulillah. Harap2 cuaca still macam ni dlm masa sebulan. ;)

BabYpose said...

InsyaAllah get well soon :)

CAHAYA said...

Sure. Thanks. ;) insyaALLAH.

Faisal Admar said...

gargle dengan listerine.
minum air suam + honey + lemon.

trust me :)

CAHAYA said...


Yep. Been practising it fow a while now. Will try the honey lemon thingy. Thanks. ;)