Wednesday, August 19, 2009

There's too many clouds, and not enough sun; The rain must fall on everyone.

For me, human emotion is a dangerous substance. It built from so many different binding things.
It's when you read things and you realized that some of
those were true, its when you just get sick of admitting it.’
Any sort of relationship should be taken seriously. There are not just a mean of entertainment. And if one start considering it like that; begin to play with peoples feelings, it always end up in misery.

It was not the differences in opinion that keep people apart. And never about having someone else behind ones back. But the lack of an emotional connection. The real connection. Emotional connections are everything. And if there isn't one, the whole thing becomes a bit of the lost cause.

Relationships should never be places of great unpleasantness and emotional isolation.
Above is an artificial scale. Soon you'll see my feet on not-so-artificial one. You might already know this about me. And how bad I want this. I'm always longing to change myself. To feel other things. But its real. Its actual. Palpable, and not theoretical.

This is who I am. I just want to break. To feel the edges of things. Wish me luck!


Jard The Great said...

hehe.. deep gal....

gud luck!

dukunlintah plk said...

its raining outside.. how i love morning rain.. gosh i wish today is sunday (sak dapat betekong debah kumbuk).. :)

Inah said...

good luck babe for whatever you want to achieve :)..

somehow..i really like the title :)

HEMY said...

good luck!!!!you are beautiful no matter what they say...the words cant bring you downnnn...

CAHAYA said...


The cuts were deeper than this words. I wish I'm strong enough to survive the hate. :(


dukunlintah plk,

Yeah. It was raining last night. All night long. Nang best berkumbuk. Tahu2 je dah terang kat luar. ;)

CAHAYA said...


Thanks girl. The title actually was from a lyric of the song I've heard while writing the post. ;)



Thanks HEMY.

But words did bring me down. I wish I'm tough enough to hold on. :(

tchersally said...

such a beautiful n3 u got here sis..

wishing u all the happiness that life could ever offer u..

go for it !!!!

haritz said...

good luck honey bee

CAHAYA said...


Thanks Sis. I'm not good in words. English too. I'm trying my best to say my heart out. Thanks. Happiness is all I want. Not only for me, but for everyone around me.

Thanks thanks thanks!



Haha, thanks! Honey bee? Haha.

zamspotte said...

human always like that... had up and down... cheers sis..

CAHAYA said...


Hmm. Life. Ups and downs. Me? Down, almost everytime.

Ad Rifza said...

Hmm...Gud luck in everything you want to do..May Allah bless you in whatever you do..But dont forget a DOA coz everything happen with Allah's fate..

CAHAYA said...


Thanks so much, Ad. InsyaALLAH I will keep praying for my happiness as well as everyone else. ;)

Selamat berpuasa, Ad.