Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Heart Goes Out.

We never be in a good term. We never agreed on the same statement. We never believe on the same thing. We never appraised each other. We quarreled a lot. We argued all the time. We said things to each other. We hurt one another every chances we got.

That was before. But now, no more. Na da. People said that her contract hasn't been renewed. She had to leave the company. And she did, without goodbye.

I can't recall when the last time I saw her. Last month, I guess. We were on the same shift. Night shift. I always sighed when been assigned to work with her. To be honest, I hate it. She never spoke nicely to me. She never admit even once that she's wrong, even if she is. She always condemned me every chances she got. She always misplaced my claim sheets (intentionally, I guess. Repetitive incidents). She's my anti-fan. And everyone's too.

The whole floor was cheering when they knew about it. I should too, right? I've been suffering for the whole 2 years with her. But I'm not. I just can't. I can't believe she's just gone. Just like that.

I was not in the office when it happens. She had some issues with her MCs and leaves. As what they've told me, she quarreled with my bosses when they told her that chances to get the renewal might be very low if she don't do anything about her MCs. She argued, and the bosses closed the door behind her. Few minutes later, one of the bosses came to the floor and announced it officially.

From what we heard, she was actually fired because of the argument and what she said about the company in front of the bosses. She cheated on her MCs, and still argued about it. She even went to higher management and report about it. It still can't be undone. She lost. She lost her job. And the pride. But the bosses still treat it as end of contract and told everyone the same.

My heart goes out to her. It must be hard to find a job at her age. With Syawal around the corner, I hope she'll be okay. I wish her all the best in everything.

People says, it's life. People come and go. It will not always bright sky upon us. It will be, but not every time. We have to be ready, and at alert. We never know when will be our turn.

The world economic is getting better. Malaysian too. So we can't blame the economy for retrenchment anymore. It was all because of the attitude and tardiness itself. It's about us. We responsible to each and everything we're at. As work is also an Ibadah, do treat it as one.


ije said...

we get what we give.

Suka Bebel said...

memang rasa serba salah kalau kenal dengan orang yang macamtu.harap harap dia dah sedar dimana salah dan silap diri.kalau tak, sampai bila bila pun dia ulang benda yang sama

yOnnA said...

hurm,akak rasa kehilangan? even dia yang setiap hari argued dengan akak,yang selalu tak sekepala..and always hurt akak. mungkin akak rasa kehilangan dari segi tak dengar suara dia dah pasni,siapa nak gado dgn aku..blablabla hehe. sgt comel ok? sebenci-benci kita,sure ada perkara ttg dia yang terkesan kat hati kita kan?

*kak,bagi full name and alamat rumah eh.email yonna kat yonna2yonni@gmail.com

CAHAYA said...


Yep. We get what we give. So give good. ;)


Suka Bebel,

Serba salah tu takde. Tapi simpati mungkin. Perkara macam ni, argument yang tak perlu selalu je ada kat ofis ni. Masih takde sape yang belajar dr kesilapan orang lain.

Hopefully dia akan tahu kenapa management buat macam tu. Tapi sedih la, tak de cakap bye pun.

CAHAYA said...


Kehilangan, ada sikit. Simpati lebih banyak. Walau apa pun argument antara kami, bak kata budak2 ofis ni, takkan dapat makan sepinggan, akak still rasa simpati.

Mungkin faktor umur yang menyebabkan dia tak boleh terima pandangan orang lain. Akak cuba memahami. Tapi kalau bab kerja, yang memang tentu2 dia salah, itu yang argue tu. Kalau tak, memang tak kuasa nak bertekak dgn dia. Konfem dia yang menang je.

Part argue dan membebel tu rasanya, akak bersyukur sebab dah berakhir. Begitu juga dengan orang lain. Yang lain2 buat masa ini, belum ada apa yang dia buat terkesan di hati akak. Sakitkan hati ada la kot. Huhu.

Whatever it is, let bygones be bygones.

p/s: Sure! Nanti akak email yer. ;)

HEMY said...

one of the way to be a successful person is to be responsible...

hmmm..what a hard way to leave the company

Faisal Admar said...

pride and brain must always be at the same level.
what is pride is we act like a brainless creature?
no good for us.
no good for everyone around us.

she is stupid.

sorry if i'm too blunt.
but that's the truth, bitter as it is.

CAHAYA said...


Yep. Responsible is the key. If one can't handle it, they can't handle anything. Take ownership if we need to. Credibility counts. ;)

Pity to some who had to leave this way. And this is by their choice. They chose it the moment they commit the fraud thingy. She should know better. She has been working for almost 20 years now.

CAHAYA said...

Faisal Admar,

True enough. Pride and brain must be at the same level. No more no less. Pride reminded me of respect. We have to work on it, in order to have it. No such thing as free pride on the market.

She should know better. Period.

Blunt is honest. Honest is good. Yes, truth hurts. But nothing that we can't handle, aite?

tchersally said...

a person that is so 'loud' like her will survive..
she'll fine a new place to 'bark'..till its time for her to leave again..and again..

CAHAYA said...


Yeah, I know. That explain her long work experience's (workplace's) list.

hang nadim said...

i nak nyanyi lagu kat u lah...tajuknyer 'kantoi'
Semalam I call you, you tak answer
You kata you keluar pergi dinner
You kata you keluar dengan kawan you
but when I called Tommy he said it wasn't true

So I drove my car pergi Damansara
Tommy kata maybe you tengok bola
Tapi bila I sampai... you, you tak ada
Lagi la I jadi gila

So I called and called sampai you answer
You kata sorry sayang tadi tak dengar
My phone was on silent, I was at the gym
Tapi latar belakang suara perempuan lain

Sudahlah sayang, I don't believe you
I've always known that your words were never true
Why am I with you?
I pun tak tahu
No wonder la my friends pun tak suka you

So I guess that's the end of our story
Akhir kata she accepted his apology
Tapi last-last kita dapat tahu she was cheating too
With her ex boyfriend's best friend, Tommy...
tak tau nak komen pe..pe

sicKo^ said...

what comes around, goes around.. Everything happens for a reason, and this time the reason is for the sake of u & ur other colleague.. cheer up, beb.

CAHAYA said...

hang nadim,

Zee Avi the best. Thanks sebab nyanyi. ;)

CAHAYA said...


Yeah. I believe the same too. Everything may happen with or without reason. Karma, that's about it.

If this for better, Alhamdulillah. I wish her all the best in everything.

鐵板豆腐Fay said...